From Huma Qureshi to Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, celebrity hairstylist Sana Pathan has created some really interesting looks for Bollywood beauties. In a tête-à-tête with Be Beautiful, we got the hairstylist to not just tell us what goes into creating a celebrity look, but also to decode the most recent hairstyle she created for Sonam Kapoor. You can totally recreate this bun-style for one of the weddings you’re attending this season!

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about celebrity hairdos from the celebrity hairstylist herself.

celebrity hairstylist sana pathan on celeb styling

BB: How frequently do celebrities use hair extensions?

SP: Well, most of them use hair extensions quite often, but that is to just enhance the look further or if a certain character requires.

BB: What is the go-to hairstyle in Bollywood today?

SP: Beach waves, because you can never go wrong with them. They look effortless and great on anything you wear.

BB: What is the biggest challenge when doing a celebrity hairdo?

SP: There is always a time crunch when it comes to styling a celebrity. So, it’s crucial to be on your toes and make sure you get the desired look in the first go. It’s also important to have a few styling options ready in case of any last-minute goof-ups. This is also the most exciting part of my job.

celebrity hairstylist sana pathan on celeb styling

BB: Tell us a hairstyling trick you use while styling actresses?

SP: A lot of actresses don’t like using hair sprays directly on their hair, so the best way is to first spritz hairspray on the brush and then run the brush through the hair.

BB: What do you predict will be huge in the world of hairstyling in the coming year?

SP: Effortless and clean styling. Less use of tongs and more natural texture. I think more and more celebrities are embracing their natural hair texture, which is great.

celebrity hairstylist sana pathan on celeb styling

BB: Can you decode one of the latest bun-styles you created for a celebrity?

SP: I recently created a sleek tight low bun for Sonam. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 01: To begin with, I first created a center parting. Then, mixed hair wax and serum together and combed it flat down on the scalp.

Step 02: Next, I pulled all her hair into a low ponytail and used a bungee to secure it.

Step 03: To create a little texture into the pony, I tonged the hair only so that the ends didn’t stick out.

Step 04: I then took a hairnet and wrapped the pony into it and secured it.

Step 05: Finally, I placed the pony into a bun and secured it with bobby pins.

celebrity hairstylist sana pathan on celeb styling

BB: Can you let us in on Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s hair care secret?

SP: To be honest, there is no secret. She has naturally great hair.

Image courtesy: Instagram