The best part about being a beauty journalist and covering Lakmé Fashion Week is that we get to witness all the fashion, beauty and hair trends fresh off the runway and at times at backstage too. 

Backstage at the fashion week is where all the new hair and beauty trends are brewing and we that is precisely where we caught up with the Lakmé Fashion Week appointed hair stylist Franco Vallelonga, on what’s new and brewing in term of hair trends.

Excerpts of that conversation below…  


BB: What according to you is the biggest hair trend of the season?
 FV: For me it’s a little bit more undone, textures, right now I’m seeing there’s a lot more natural texture coming out in hair, in quite a few of my styles. It’s all about bringing your own texture and then doing everything to style it.

BB: The theme of this season is Shades of a Diva, how do you see that translating hair trends?
FV: Hmm interesting! I find most shows translate into an everyday sort of look if they are toned down a little bit. For most of my hairtyles, I prefer wearable, simple styles. They just really complement what the outfits are about. So none of mine are really over the top, there are a few that are a little bit more complex and everything generally tones down, as I was saying for the last question most of mine are very simple but natural textures with lots of accessories in there, head wraps, elastic wrap arounds.

BB: What according to you is the ideal haircare regimen?
FV: I’m all about natural. So just looking after your hair, regular haircuts, spa treatments, just beautiful hair is perfect. As long as you look after it I’m happy.

BB: Okay so how do you suggest we save a bad hair day?
FV: Wrap it with a headscarf!


BB: What would be your favourite TRESemmé product?
FV: My favourite product would be the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Spray. I really like working with that. I quite like the TRESemmé Heat Protectant as well.

BB: Your favourite hair look from the season?
FV: My favourite hair look for this season is what I did for Amit Aggrawal’s show! Do you want me to explain it?

BB: Sure!

FV: It was an incorporation of natural textures. Pulled back raw textured hair twisted into a chic low bun. Hope you look forward to tonight’s show!