Alia Bhatt’s Hairdos We’re Totally Crushing Over

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
Alia Bhatt’s hairdos we’re totally crushing over
Alia Bhatt is all about fresh, young and peppy fashion and her hair dos are no different! One scroll down Ali’s Instagram page and you will totally fall in love with her hairdos.

Functional, easy to carry, and yet so stylish; here are some of our favourite Alia Bhat hairdos courtesy her Insta feed…

Loose Curls

Slight waves

If you like to go easy on your hair you should totally try this hairstyle. Roll a curling iron through your hair and you can flaunt these loose curls.


Classic hair bun

Slight waves

This elegant and sanskari look is adorable and the perfect kind to go with a saree. To sport this hair style, just grab your hair together and secure them in your fist. After which you twirl them to form a regular bun and fix all the loose ends.


Easy braids

Slight waves

Braids if done right can make you look cute and peppy. Divide your hair into sections depending on your hair thickness and braid your way to happiness just like Alia has done for this on.


Slight waves

Slight waves

Getting this look is not very difficult. Grab a hair straightener and slightly wrap it over hair ends to get those light waves. You can use a hair serum to set this look and make it last longer.

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