When a girl tightens her ponytail, you know she’s about to conquer the world!

A ponytail is to a girl what a beard is to a man… It is one hairstyle that requires no occasion. The versatility of a ponytail is such that you can wear it to the gym as well as to your own reception party. Isn’t that amazing?

Now ponytails have seen various editions, thanks to celebrities and beauty ninjas. From a basic ponytail to a glamorous pouf ponytail, this hairdo has seen a major transformation. And, no we are not complaining. As long as we can experiment with our ponytails, we are happy!

A recent ponytail that we’ve seen rule the internet is the famous Gigi Hadid-inspired windswept ponytail. In the past, we’ve seen divas like Rihanna and Priyanka Chopra rock the side-swept ponytail, and Ariana Grande trademark the sky-high ponytail, but now it’s time to get on board with the windswept ponytail. To help you ace this Gigi Hadid-inspired hairdo, we’ve got you a step-by-step guide.

how to create gigi hadids windswept ponytail

Step 1: After washing your hair, prep with the TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Styling cream and blow-dry as usual.

Step 2: Reach for a hair brush to guide the hair straight.

Step 3: Now, grab your flat iron and go over with it section by section. Smoothen out the stubborn sections of your hair so as to avoid any bumps in your final look.

Step 4: Next, brush the hair back off your face and gather it into a ponytail. Place your ponytail high, low or somewhere in the middle, whatever suits your face structure. Secure it with an elastic hair tie.

Step 5: To achieve the windswept look, you don’t need any hair tools. Your fingers can easily do the trick. All you need to do is gently mess the top and sides of your hair, pulling a few strands loose. Don’t be too harsh or else your hairstyle will fall flat.

Step 6: Lastly, mist some hairspray all over your hair, and then use your fingers to gently sweep the hair back without flattening it. Do it with a light hand to achieve a delicate windswept look that does not end up looking horribly messy.

Image courtesy: Instagram