We live in an age and time when social media has deceitfully raised our beauty standards with a steady dose of Instagram filters, portrayals of that picture-perfect life and an unnatural representation of beauty. If you're an influencer, it only gets worse. You're almost forced to conform or face the wrath of the trolls! Amidst the crowd, however, is one woman who hasn't been afraid to break beauty norms. Celebrity stylist Isha Bhansali is known for her kick-ass style, but more importantly, for embracing her beautiful greys. Did I just say 'beautiful greys'? Hell yeah!

Personal stylist to Ayushmann Khurrana and pretty much the reason why the actor looks as suave and desirable as he does, Isha spotted her first grey when she was just 9 years old. Cut to the present, and she's flaunting her silvers like a boss!

In this exclusive interview with Be Beautiful, Isha talks about her struggle with premature greying, what she does about it and a whole lot more. 

self love celeb isha bhansali premature greying

While the confident girl doesn't quite care for society's unrealisti beauty standards, she must sometimes feel the pressure given she's part of the fashion industry, right? “Not really. I think the fashion industry has become very inclusive and I am very thankful for that. In fact, the fashion industry is what has encouraged me to keep this white hair. When it comes to my social life, a lot of people ask me why I don’t colour my hair. But whenever I go for a fashion week or the launch of a brand, all my fashion peeps tell me how they love how I am rocking this white hair.”

But what about while growing up? How did she deal with the problem of early greying at the tender age of 9? “I was too young to do anything and honestly, I didn’t want to." She did, however, start colouring her hair in college, but even then she did not care too much. "I started to feel the pressure when I hit marriageable age, because how could I look older than the guy? But since most of my silvers are baby hair, they would start resurfacing in two weeks. That’s when I realised the futility of it all and stopped colouring my hair."      

self love celeb isha bhansali premature greying

Of course, that wasn't going to end Isha's woes though. She still has to face the comments and advice of insensitive aunties. "A lot of people ask me why I don’t dye my hair and suggest natural dye, indigos and henna. While I don’t think they are wrong (I could definitely use them), I honestly lack the time and patience.”

Don't get her wrong; Isha does follow a hair care routine, where she oils her hair at least once or twice a week, something she has been doing since she was a kid. Other than that, she uses a leave-in oil or serum after each wash. "I also pamper myself with a hair spa or a head massage every once in a while, but that’s not a routine for me,” she adds.

“I think it is really important to have a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type and works for you. But it takes time, sometimes months or even years of experimenting to finally find the right products that work for you. But it doesn’t end there. Once you find your product, it is important to switch it up every once a while to not let your hair become used to it and break the monotony.”  

self love celeb isha bhansali premature greying

With an audience of 33k on Instagram, Isha does influence a substantial number of followers, but not everyone's a taker when it comes her distinct idea of beauty. Living life in the public eye has attracted a fair amount of cyber-bullying too. "It can get very personal and humiliating sometimes, but you can’t do anything other than ignore. Everybody wants to have an opinion on every little thing; not because they want things to change, but because they want attention,” she confesses. "My best response to these people is to ignore them."

Well, you go, girl! Why let anyone define beauty for you, right? And that goes for you reading this, too! So if you're finding it hard to deal with people's opinions of you, here's Isha's two cents on this, "When you are surrounded by the wrong people, it is natural to feel insecure. But it takes a lot of guts and bravery to not listen to people and do what your heart says, and do what works for you and your body." Having said this, she admits that she too constantly struggles with insecurities. "Be patient and you will definitely feel so invincible and happy with yourself when you overcome it with time,” she concludes.

So go out there; embrace your flaws, celebrate the beauty of 'you' and live your best life!

Image courtesy: Instagram