5 Times Kangana Ranaut Set Hairstyling Goals For Curly-Haired Girls

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
5 times Kangana Ranaut set hairstyling goals for curly-haired girls

There aren’t too many women in Bollywood who wear their curly mane with pride. The beauty brief for these women tends to be to go pin straight or a little wavy; it’s just easier to twist into a clean bun or bunch up into a chic ponytail. Curls are a hard sell when styling with outfits as well. It requires a certain level of ‘devil-may-care’ attitude and the moxy to step out with a wild mane. That is why it is the fearless girls, both onscreen and off, like Kangana Ranaut or Taapsee Pannu who have become the poster children for rocking naturally curly hair unapologetically.

As a curly-haired woman myself, I often look to these women for beauty inspiration. Taapsee tends to do so much with her looks, her messy fishtail braids being a style on my list of hair looks to try. As for Kangana, this talented actress opts to keep it simple most times, yet, adding a small detail that elevates the look beautifully.

If a few handy tips can save a salon trip for a curly-haired woman, you can be sure that we are going to heed them. So here are 5 times Kangana set some amazing hairstyling goals without trying too hard!


01. Naturally teased

5. The classic topknot

The hairbrush is both our ally and worst enemy, depending on at what stage of the dampness we use them! A rule of thumb we follow is to let our tresses be once they have air-dried and settled into their natural texture. Kangana has a very distinctive 3B type curl pattern; they are made up of springy ringlets and can get coarse if not scrunched with love. That’s why we love this simple side-parted style that has been teased just a little near the forehead. It looks so fun!

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02. Bollywood retro

5. The classic topknot

Fun fact: Kangana loves to raid local gullies of markets to source fabrics and sarees that appeal to her. She quite nonchalantly paired a simple cotton saree purchased from Kolkata with a Givenchy coat at the airport once. The woman loves her sarees and with them, the classic hair looks she does to give them a vintage feel. This retro look from her looks fabulous and those “accidental” loose strands add some cheeky charm to it.


03. Smooth waves

5. The classic topknot

As much as Kangana loves to keep her curls wild while styling, she loves to smooth them a bit into waves as well. I often use this trick to manage any unnecessary fluff on some days. The look with a twist braid paired with side parting that opens up to smooth waves in the bottom looks so romantic.


04. A casual bunch

5. The classic topknot

Kangana isn’t someone who goes androgynous with her looks very often, that fort is being held down by Sonam Kapoor. Which makes this tailored number a welcome sight, and an equally smart hairstyle to go with it. Skip the parting sometimes and guide your hair in a casually bunched low pony and you are good to go!


5. The classic topknot

5. The classic topknot

Every curly-haired girl has perfected her own little dance of putting all of her hair in a topknot. We have built up some serious arm strength by styling the wild strands and this classic style will stay in-vogue. It is also the best look we can pull for our day-to-day and get in some extra TLC by adding a leave-in conditioner to cook in there all day. Pro tip: if you want to clean up the look and tame the flyaways, spritz a comb with some hairspray and run it along the surface!

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