Ready to glam up for day 4 of Navratri? We sure are! For the 4th day of this hairdo series for Navratri, we went back to the classics. Think of the amount of work you get done when your hair is tied in a ponytail, well this look is taken from there. No, it’s not a simple ponytail, duh! We’ve glammed it up to match your dazzling personalities for the festive season.

Follow this easy step-by-step guide to get the perfect puffed ponytail:

Navratri day: 4

Colour of the day: Grey

Hairstyle of the day: Puffed Ponytail

Navratri Hair dos Day 4

You will need: A comb, bobby pins and an elastic band

Step 1: Comb your hair thoroughly to ensure it is detangled.

Step 2: Depending on the shape of your face and broader or narrower puff you want, take a section of hair from the crown area.

Step 3: Back comb your hair to add volume, especially if your hair is very limp and thin.

Navratri Hair dos Day 4

Step 4: Give this section 2-3 twists and push it in the front so that it appears puffed up. Then secure it neatly using some bobby pins.

Step 5: Gather the remaining hair and tie a high and tight ponytail using the elastic band.