Buns are so versatile, whether it’s a glamorous party or date night, you can never go wrong with a bun.  Precisely why, we’ve got you a bun-tastic hairdo for day 6 of Navratri! The Bouffant Bun is back with a bang, and everyone from Bollywood to TV actresses have been spotted sporting this look.  

Excited to try it out? Here is how...

Navratri Day: 6

Colour of the day: White

Hairstyle of the day: Bouffant Bun

Navratri Bun Hairdo for Dandiya

You will need: Fine teeth comb, hair tie, bobby pins and hold spray.

Step 1: Draw an uneven vertical line from one ear to the other so as to get a front and back section.

Step 2: Take the lower section of your hair and pull it high up into a ponytail using one hair tie.

Step 3: Now twist it around to form a messy bun, you can leave the last few inches of hair hanging out to make it messier. Secure it with bobby pins.

Step 4: Now take the front section of your hair and split it in 4 halves.

Navratri Bun Hairdo for Dandiya

Step 5: Take the bottom quarters from both sides of these 4 halves and wrap it under and over the bun. Secure with bobby pins.

Step 6: Lastly, take the top quarters, back comb it to add volume and pin it diagonally over your head. The left side gets secure on the right side while the right side gets secured on the left.

Step 7: Spray on a good hold hair spray to ensure it stays in place.