Top 7 Hairstyle Tips We Learnt From Birthday Girl Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Top 7 hairstyle tips we learnt from birthday girl Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Birthday girl Sonam Kapoor Ahuja does not take fashion lightly. The actress, along with her stylist sister, Rhea Kapoor, are responsible for creating some of the most iconic red carpet and on-screen looks. She has also been a constant at the Cannes Film Festival, an appearance we wait for with a bated breath each year. Her friendship with top designers, both homegrown and international, sees her on the FROW often, looking like a million bucks every single time.

So, how does a fashion girl like Sonam manage to churn out steal-worthy looks every single time? The secret lies in her attention to details. The BTS blogs for her film The Zoya Factor revealed how closely Sonam likes to be involved in the creative process of her wardrobe, hair and makeup. This means that every single look you see has a touch of Sonam’s personal references in it. And we think it’s safe to say that Sonam’s hair game stands unparalleled in B-town. So, today, on her 35th birthday, we are counting down the top seven hairstyling tips we’ve learnt from Sonam K Ahuja. Happy birthday, queen!


01. When in doubt, go with a low bun

07. A global colour can be so fun to style

Nobody can keep Sonam and her low buns apart. The actress often flaunts a version of this classic look, updating it every time, with details like wave-fronts and elaborate bun styles. She sported one during the Valentino Haute Couture runway show earlier this year, along with her mother’s shawl, of course. Hey, if a low bun is good enough for a Paris runway, it is good enough for us!


02. Face-framing can up the drama of your look

07. A global colour can be so fun to style

If we could categorise a majority of Sonam’s hair looks under themes, they’d file under ‘Romantic’. The actress paired very feminine hair looks with her androgynous outfits. She always lets a couple of tendrils or sections of hair loose to frame her face. This amps up the drama of her hair look while keeping it oh-so-pretty.


03. Don’t fuss about hair trends

07. A global colour can be so fun to style

As much as Sonam loves fashion, she doesn’t seem to fuss about popular trends. She paired retro, disco waves with her uber-modern trench, and we think that’s bold. Planning your hairstyle around the things you love, instead of what influencers are wearing, can help your confidence while wearing them.


04. Messy can be fun

07. A global colour can be so fun to style

There is a certain child-like mirth in Sonam’s hair look that makes it so endearing to us. She rocks messy buns and braids with great elan. Messy hairstyles can be so fun to pair with more formal looks or even ethnic garbs. We can see desi mothers squealing with horror everywhere!


05. Small details can make a world of difference

07. A global colour can be so fun to style

For Sonam, it is either a fun and quirky hairstyle or wearing her famous locks in wavy glory… there is no in-between. Even if she is going for a simple sleek bun, there’ll be added details of a braid here or a sneaky twist there. You can always add something extra in your hair look because, well, why not!


06. Hair accessories, FTW

07. A global colour can be so fun to style

Apart from sneaky details, Sonam also likes to use hair accessories abundantly. Headscarves, 90s-inspired skinny pins, big-bow headbands and floral studs have all been part of her arsenal. A variety of hair accessories can easily switch up your drab hairstyle!


07. A global colour can be so fun to style

07. A global colour can be so fun to style

We are pretty sure the last time Sonam sported highlights was in her entry scene in Aisha. The leggy beauty likes to rock her natural hair colour or drench it in stunning global colour. You can’t be bothered by streaks or lowlights while twisting your hair in a complicated twist ponytail - a global colour indeed does seem like the smart way to go!

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