Blow dryers and curling irons are every girl’s saviour from bad hair days! Heat-styling tools not only switch your frizzy, untamed mane into neat and sleek tresses, but also turn poker straight hair into bouncy curls and vice versa. From creating volume to adding more glamour to your hairstyle, there’s nothing that your trusty hairstyling tools cannot do! But yes, they also have the power to ruin the texture of your tresses *sigh*

Overusing heat-styling tools can lead to breakage and make your hair lose moisture, thereby leaving it dry and lifeless. And that’s not all! Heat is the main cause of split ends too. Therefore, if you want to maintain the health of your hair, it’s ideal to limit the use of heat-styling tools as much as you can. And if you’re wondering how to create volume without heat, fret not, girl! We’ve got you covered!


The hack

You’ll be happy to know that there’s a trick that can give you volume without the use of heat. Yes, you read that right!

If you’re someone who struggles to make their hair look fuller and bouncy each time you have a “special” occasion, then you must try this easy-peasy hack. For those of you who don’t naturally have volume and you let your hair air-dry, it’ll lay flat against your head, making it look thinner and scanty. Instead, what you should do is pull the front section back while your hair is still damp using a pair of sunglasses (as hairbands can be a tad too tight) and then push them forward to loosen it up. Leave the sunglasses as is until your hair dries completely. Your front roots will get an instant lift and you’ll be left with tons of volume!