13 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing To Your Hair!

Written by Kaajal SinghSep 16, 2023
13 things you shouldn’t be doing to your hair!

Hair Care: Hands down, every girl yearns for long and lustrous hair. Harming your hair is the last thing you’d want to do, right?

But what if we said that, unknowingly, you yourself were damaging your tresses with your everyday habits?

Don’t agree?

We’ve created a list of 13 ways you’re damaging your hair without even realizing it, and why you need to stop doing them RIGHT NOW!


#1 You are overly washing your tresses!

You avoid haircuts!

Shampooing frequently is akin to making your hair beg for life. It washes the natural oils off your scalp, leaving it all dry and dull. Not only this, but washing your tresses overly can lead to a lot of hair fall. So, if you want healthy and thick hair, stop this habit right away. Stick to washing your hair 2-3 times a week only, and you’ll soon notice the change!


#2 You skip conditioning once in a while!

You avoid haircuts!

Conditioning your hair after shampooing it is a must. Hair Science 101- shampoo is acidic, and conditioners are a base. They cancel each other out. Skipping your conditioner makes your hair dry and damages them from the tips. So, the next time you’re planning to miss conditioning your hair, think again! Apply a generous amount of conditioner to your tresses, avoiding the scalp, for healthier and shinier hair.


#3 You love to rinse your hair with hot water!

You avoid haircuts!

Hot showers are soothing, we know, but they damage your hair terribly. The heat makes your hair become thicker and rougher in structure and spoils the natural texture of your hair. It disturbs the pH balance of your scalp too. If you want to keep your hair healthy and smooth, never ever rinse your mane with hot water.


#4 You can’t step out without straightening your hair!

You avoid haircuts!

Heat tools are your hair’s worst enemy since damage your hair to a really great extent. So, if you’re in the habit of using hot tools for your hair on a daily basis, HALT! Your hair hates them. Using them once in a while is fine, but regular use of these heat tools is bad. Also, never forget to use a heat protection spray before using them.


#5 You’re keeping your hair braided or in a ponytail for a long time!

You avoid haircuts!

Keeping your hair in a ponytail or in a braid for a long time might seem comfortable but it is not good for your hair. Your hair certainly hates the constraints of the band. Constant tugging makes your roots grow weak and damages your scalp. Instead, pull up your hair loosely from time to time and give your tresses some rest. Although, you need to avoid sleeping with open hair!


#6 You’re in habit of brushing your hair from root to tip every 2 hours!

You avoid haircuts!

That hairbrush is your enemy and you didn’t even know that till now! It’s sad, right? Brushing your hair very often does more damage than good. It makes your roots weak and leads to a lot of hair fall. Above all, the constant tugging can damage your hair badly. Try sticking to brushing your hair 2-3 times a day only.


#7 Cleaning brushes? Who does that!

You avoid haircuts!

If you don’t clean your combs and brushes just like your makeup tools, you’re creating a big mess, my girl. Your hair brushes carry a lot of germs and bacteria which, for obvious reasons, aren’t good for your hair. Make it a habit to clean your comb and hairbrush every weekend, for healthier hair. Wash them with a mild shampoo or an antibacterial soap, either will work.


#8 You often comb your wet hair vigorously!

You avoid haircuts!

Combing your hair when wet is the worst thing you could do to yourself. Not only is it painful, but it also leads to a lot of hair fall. You end up losing a lot more hair than you bargained for. So, never ever brush your tresses when they are wet. Instead, wait for them to get dry and then detangle them. You can even detangle your hair with your fingers while conditioning them. But avoid combs, at all costs!


#9 Oiling your hair is too tacky for you!

You avoid haircuts!

If oiling your hair makes you cringe, you can never really have a healthy shiny mane. Letting some oil seep into your scalp is necessary for retaining the goodness of your hair. It strengthens the hair from the roots and gives it the shine and smoothness you want. So, give your scalp a good, warm oil massage every week and let the oil stay on for 2-3 hours. Avoid leaving it throughout the night though as it may clog your pores!


#10 Hair Spas’ aren’t your thing!

You avoid haircuts!

Just like your face and your body, your hair too needs all the pampering it can get. Your hair goes through a lot on a daily basis, be it the sun, humidity, or sweat. You’re doing a lot of damage to your hair by not giving it the extra care that it deserves. Visit a hair spa after every 4 weeks, for healthy and lustrous hair. If you don’t have the time to go to a parlor, do it yourself! After all, putting in those extra efforts for your hair is certainly not a bad idea!


#11 You always towel-dry your hair roughly!

You avoid haircuts!

You might just be trying to dry your hair but it is dying by your hand slowly. Frantic and vigorous hair drying makes your hair frizzy and dead. It creates a lot of friction and you end up breaking more hair than usually would. To make things even worse, it also tangles up your hair. So girl, stop right there! Air-dry your hair, if possible, or use a cotton or silk cloth to do the same. And yes, you can thank us later!


#12 You avoid haircuts!

You avoid haircuts!

Yes, we get it. You love your long hair! But did you know that after a certain length, your hair starts to get uncontrollably damaged? Going for a haircut might not sound like such a great idea to you, but if you want healthy hair, then it has to be so. To avoid split ends and damaged tips, go for a haircut once every 5-6 months. And you don’t have to go extremely short in length, even a basic trim will do! Practice this for a couple of years and you’ll notice the change. 

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