Watch and learn: 3 insanely effortless hairstyles for when you got no time

Written by Anjali AgarwalFeb 21, 2019

You make plans to spend some time doing your hair and show up at work looking all chic, but rather end up sprinting out with the same boring ponytail or a bun. Does that sound like you? Does this happen to you a lot? We know! Our busy schedules don’t allow us the time to try new hairdos, no matter much we would love to. For this very reason, we’ve got you 3 really cool and chic back-to-school hairdos that take nothing more than five minutes. Try these cute and easy hairdos when you’re running late but still want to look on point.

To get the step-by-step tutorial and master these hairstyles, watch this video:

When in doubt, go for a half bun

Got no time to blow dry? No problem. Try this half bun, half down hairdo and look chic as ever. Divide your hair horizontally into two sections. Take the upper section and make a top knot using the hair tie instead of twisting it into a bun. Make sure you give it some volume. Wrap the remaining strands around the knot to get a neat bun. Brush the rest of hair and you’re done.

No-drama french braid

For girls who love French braids but don’t know how to do one, this la-di-da faux French braid is perfect for you. Take two small wisps of hair from both sides of your head and secure it the back with a hair tie. Take another two from below the previous sections and tie it under the knot. Repeat till the end and secure the braid with a clear hair tie.

Romantic Braided bun

This 5-minute hairstyle flatters all and can be donned for any casual, formal or glam event. Pull your hair in a high ponytail and secure with hair tie. Divide it in two sections and braid both. Intertwine the two braids and wrap them into a bun, placing it on the ponytail tie. Secure with bobby pins to keep it in place. Take out some strands from the front for a messy look.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest