If you have a serious case of flyaways and unruly hair, we are sure you must have tried taming them down with damp palms and serum, only to find that after 10 minutes, they have popped right back. Frizzy hair can ruin the best of hairstyles. In order to fight those flyaways, you try all the weird hacks on the internet like rubbing your hand lotion on your hair (eww), but seldom do these hacks work.

We have here three not-so-weird, tried and tested hacks for you to give a shot. These hacks actually work like a charm and leave your hair looking polished and neat. So the next time you are struggling with wild flyaways and a fuzzy mane, try doing one of these. 

30 hacks to tame flyaways

The toothbrush hack

After you’re done styling your hair, take some hair gel on a clean toothbrush and run it through your hair, settling the flyaways. You can also spritz some finishing spray or your regular hair spray. It will also do the trick.

30 hacks to tame flyaways

The spoolie brush hack

If your eyebrow hair does the same dance and is misbehaving all the time, you’d probably have a clear eyebrow gel or Vaseline handy to groom those brows. Well, you can use the same product to tame the flyaways too. Simply take some clear eyebrow gel on a spoolie brush or a clean mascara wand and brush the flyaways down with it.  

30 hacks to tame flyaways

The lip balm hack

What do you do when you already stepped out of your house without your hairspray or eyebrow gel and the humid weather is making your flyaways worse? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Pull out your lip balm and apply some on your hair. You can also take some on your palm and then run your hands on your hair to tame the flyaways. But remember it can make your hair look oily so use a teensy amount of your lip balm.

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