Who knew a humble toothbrush could one day become your handy beauty tool and change your life forever? Of the many beauty hacks we come across on the internet, toothbrush hacks have been pretty darn surprising! Before you dump your old toothbrush for a new fluffy one, you need to know how useful this tool can be for your beauty game.

From taming flyaways to dying your hair, a toothbrush can do it all. So, save it a spot in your beauty cabinet. If you have an old toothbrush lying in your bathroom or are about to throw yours out, here are three hair hacks to try with it instead.

3 hair hacks using toothbrush

Clean your hairbrush

Not only can it get the hair strands out from your paddle and cushion hairbrushes with ease, but a toothbrush can also clean your fine-toothed combs too. Just put some shampoo on your comb and brush it to get it all cleaned up and as good as new.    

3 hair hacks using toothbrush

Apply hair dye

If you are dyeing your hair at home, you can use that handy little toothbrush of yours to apply streaks and coloured highlights. Thanks to the tightly-packed bristles, it spreads the colour evenly and neatly on your hair.

3 hair hacks using toothbrush

Tame baby hair

Tried everything to keep those unruly baby hair smooth and tamed, but they still stick right back up? This one hack will work like a charm. Spritz some hairspray on your toothbrush and run it through the flyaways. It will settle them down and keep them in place.