3 Diy Milk Based Face Masks For Every Skin Type

Written by Shravani ChavanSep 16, 2023
3 DIY milk based face masks for every skin type
Most of your beauty products are fuelled with milk derivatives that leave your skin glowing, hydrated and moisturised. So why not include milk in your skin care at home and benefit twice as much? Adding milk to your skin care can benefit the skin tenfold and that is precisely why we’ve got you three milk based face masks to add to your skin care regimen.
Here are milk infused DIY face masks for every type of skin...

Milk And Avocado For Dry Skin

Milk And Gram Flour For Combination Skin

Milk and Avocado are both highly nourishing and hydrating agents. Combining them into one face mask really is the best moisturizing treatment for dry skin. Mash an avocado into an even paste and add few teaspoons of milk to it. Make sure this paste has ribbon-like consistency. Apply this mixture to your face and leave it to settle for about fifteen minutes. Finish with washing your face with warm water. The lactic acid in milk helps in hydrating your skin three layers deep. Avocado helps in repairing damaged skin and keeps your skin smooth and soft.


Milk And Turmeric For Oily Skin

Milk And Gram Flour For Combination Skin

Add a few drops of milk to a small quantity of turmeric. Mix this mixture well to make an even and fine paste. Apply this mixture over your face and leave it to dry.  Once it is completely dried, rub off the remains with your fingers. Whether your main skin concerns are acne or oiliness, this amazing face mask effectively addresses all those issues and more. It helps you get rid of all the oil and unclogs your skin pores. It is specifically effective for those tiny blackheads on your T-zone. The herbal properties of turmeric help in clearing and restoring acne-prone oily skin. It further deals with and fixes your skin's upper dermal layer, soothes irritation and reduces greasiness with constant multiple uses.


Milk And Gram Flour For Combination Skin

Milk And Gram Flour For Combination Skin

For those who have both dry and oily skin, a mask of milk and gram flour will replenish your skin and fuel it with natural oils. Make a paste of milk and gram flour. You can add a few drops of rose water or almond oil to improve the results. You can leave this mask overnight or wash it off with cold water once it is completely dried. Milk helps in hydrating and moisturizing your skin. While gram flour helps in removing all the excess oil from your pores and temporarily prevent sebum production.

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