3 Tricks To Get Shiny Hair At Home

Written by Dayle PereiraOct 04, 2018
3 tricks to get shiny hair at home
Have you ever had a moment when you’re ready to hit the party with an on-point pout and shimmering dress but still don’t know what to do with your hair? A braid doesn’t quite make the cut while curls will take forever. Wouldn’t it be great to just leave your hair loose without a second thought, if only you had glossy locks? After all, shiny hair is the foundation of a good hairstyle! So the next time you’re faced with this situation, don’t let your love for gleaming tresses hold you back. Find out how you can get the shiny hair you’ve always wanted by adding these 3 tricks to your hair care routine.

Start with a shine

Give it a glossy finish

Sometimes the cause of dull hair is the wrong cleanser and conditioner which can make hair looking dreary. To turn your beauty routine around and give your hair a touch of gloss from the very first step by choosing a hair care duo that specializes in that. We recommend the Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo and Conditioner range that is an expert when it comes to this! Co-created by global hair expert Jamal Hammadi, the formula is made with Amla Pearl Complex to nourish hair from within the strand. Together, this shampoo and conditioner lends a vivacious shine to the hair so that it stays glossy all through the day!


Rinse it right

Give it a glossy finish

Who ever imagined the answer to getting lustrous tresses could lie in one’s kitchen, huh? Yes, that is now completely possible with just a few natural ingredients. To give your locks a lasting shine, look no further than a hair rinse with the right ingredients. Make one for yourself by mixing together 100 ml of apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons honey and 100 ml of cold water to create a runny liquid. Once you’ve finished washing and conditioning your hair during your bath, flip your hair upside down and pour the mixture over the lengths of your hair. Let it sit for a few minutes and then pour cold water as a final step to seal all this goodness in the hair cuticle. The reason why this hair rinse is so effective is because the anti-bacterial properties of apple cider vinegar along with the moisturisers within the honey work together to leave hair sleek and shiny.


Give it a glossy finish

Give it a glossy finish

If you’re the kind who always “forgets” to take the extra care you need to (namely, making that natural hair gloss booster before you shower) this go-to is perfect for you. Before you walk out of the door, there’s only one way to add an instant gloss to your hair and that’s with a shine spray. So whatever is your hairstyle, if you are looking to add a hi-shine to your final hairdo, look no further than the TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Spray. Along with giving the hair massive shine and serious hold, it will also ensure humidity resistance for your hairstyle. A few spritzes over your tresses are all you need to leave your hair starry and shiny before you head out.

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