It’s high time you start using the good old rose water in your hair care regime. Yep! You read that right. The magic elixir you thought could only be used for refreshed and glowing skin can do wonders for your tresses as well. It can bring your damaged hair back to life, provide moisture to the scalp, leaving it refreshed and smelling oh-so-nice.

Rose has umpteen hair-loving vitamins and antioxidants which benefit your hair big time. Here are three ways in which you can employ rose water in your hair care routine for enviable, healthy locks.   


01. Hair mist

01.	Hair mist

Refresh your tresses on-the-go, revive your curls and condition them with a spritz of the rose water hair mist. Mix some leave-in conditioner, rose water and aloe vera gel and transfer into a spray bottle. Spray on your hair and leave a trail of sweet and soothing scent wherever you go.


02. Hair mask

02.	Hair mask

Rose water is packed with antioxidants and vitamin B3 which are a godsend for your tresses. A hair mask made of rose water and honey or egg yolk can help promote hair growth, nourish your hair and leave it luscious and smooth.


03. Hair rinse

03.	Hair rinse

Simply rinse your hair with rose water after you’ve washed it for clean hair. Rose water removes excess oil and hydrates the hair. Boil rose petals of 7-8 flowers in distilled water and use this water as a rinse once it cools down completely. Repeat this once a week for clean and dandruff-free tresses.