The change in the weather, unexpected showers and the first few days of the monsoon where the rain brings down the smog with it can cause some serious trauma to our hair. Want to know the ways in which you can soothe your hair? Read on as we give you three solutions to get rid of common mane worries…

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The TRESemmé Hair Spa Rejuvenation range

Obviously one of the first ways to care for your hair is to pay attention to the regular drill of shampooing and conditioning. While we aren’t too big on spending big bucks at spas we are very big on pampering our locks. Which is why, the TRESemmé’s most recent Hair Spa Rejuvenation Range has proved to be such a respite during this season.

With a fantastic massageable conditioner that can be used on the scalp as well as the length of the hair and a hydrating marine mineral complex that can protect hair from external aggressors such as the UVA and B rays (yes, also present in the rains,) pollution, chemicals and artificial heat, it’s a great reason to make quite a celebration, or a hair spa as we like to see it, of an ordinary hair wash day. And if you’re wondering… yes, it truly is rejuvenating!

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Yoghurt and fenugreek (methi) hair pack

Your hair deserves all your love so take that effort and make that perfect hair pack that’ll condition your hair and make it smooth and shiny. Try the yoghurt and fenugreek hair pack for this purpose. Fenugreek is known to keep the hair soft and healthy. It also reduces split ends leaving the hair gorgeous as ever. On the other hand, the high lactic content in yoghurt works wonderfully as a conditioner for the hair. In order to make this pack, grind 1/4th cup of fenugreek and make it into a powder. Add a cup of curd to this powder and stir well. Apply this pack to your hair right from the roots to the end. Leave this on for a good hour before washing off with shampoo and conditioner.

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Anything but loose hair

One of the best ways to keep your tresses from getting damaged is by wearing a cover on it by way of a scarf, carrying an umbrella or tying it up. While getting wet in the rain sounds like a lot of fun, your scalp won’t appreciate it too much. Plus, the fact that the air changes drastically in the monsoon, it is recommended that you keep it tied tight especially when you’re commuting – think top knots, low buns and pretty braids. Just remember that while conditioners and packs will help soothe your roots and make your hair strong, protecting your hair will ensure its health long-term.