After working all day long, your body and mind need some time off to relax and be prepared. However, when we think of pampering, the face and feet are the first things to pop in our mind. While that’s completely alright, the hair and scalp need equal care and attention. So, how about you dedicate some time to pamper your precious tresses at home?

Don’t know where to begin? Allow us to help. Here are three simple and inexpensive ways to pamper your hair at home.


01. Hot oil head massage

Hot oil head massage

When was the last time you treated your scalp to a good ol’ champi? If you don’t remember, that is a good enough reason to warm some oil in the microwave and start with a hot oil massage. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or jojoba oil for this. Add a few drops of essential oils like lavender, tea tree or peppermint essential to the mix for a spa-like experience. Massage it on your scalp using your fingers and then work your way through to the tips until your hair is evenly coated. Leave it on for at least 2 hours before washing off with a mild shampoo.


02. Steaming


After oiling, you can steam your hair to get closer to the spa-like experience. Steaming allows the oil to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, allowing it to absorb all the nutrients. You don’t need any special appliance to steam your hair at home. Simply heat water in a utensil, once water is hot enough, dip a towel in it and wring out the excess water. Then, wrap this towel on your head for 15 to 20 minutes. This will open up the hair follicles and nourish the hair at the roots.


03. Deep conditioning mask

Deep conditioning mask

Getting a deep conditioning treatment at the salon can burn a hole in your pocket and is also pretty time-consuming. An easy alternative to pampering your tresses at home is by whipping up a DIY mask using a few ingredients from your kitchen like a ripe banana, eggs, olive oil and honey. Alternatively, you can also invest in a good mask and use it every alternate weekend. The Tresemme Keratin Smooth Deep Smoothing Mask can repair even the most damaged hair. Infused with the goodness of marula oil, it fights frizz, softens hair and adds a healthy shine. Apply a generous amount, distributing evenly through the hair, from the middle to the ends. Run a wide-tooth comb or your fingers through the hair to smooth and detangle. Leave for 3–5 minutes then wash off.