This Diy Hack Adds Glossy Shine To Your Hair — Here’s How To Do It

Written by Urvi ShahNov 15, 2022
This DIY hack adds glossy shine to your hair — here’s how to do it

Whether you’re looking to tame flyaways, control frizz, or revive your hair’s lost lustre, there’s a 30-minute DIY hack that delivers results in one go. We chanced upon a viral video on social media that involves the application of your go-to conditioner to achieve glossy, smooth, and frizz-free tresses. Let’s dive right in.


What’s this DIY hack all about, anyway?

Which conditioner do we recommend for this hack?

Social media is like a cramped closet packed with amazing hacks that address each one of your beauty-related concerns. And, today, we’re bringing to you a hack for your hair. And it’s pretty simple. The trick, which has garnered more than a million likes on the internet, involves rinsing and shampooing your hair normally, wringing the excess water out of your hair, and concluding with a conditioner. Sounds like your typical in-shower routine, doesn’t it? This is where the hack comes into play.

All you have to do is wrap your hair, laden with conditioner, in a warm cotton T-shirt for about thirty minutes before rinsing the product out with cold water. The result? Sleek, silky, and glossy hair with no strands out of place.


Does it work on all types of hair?

Which conditioner do we recommend for this hack?

Even though the girl in the viral video has naturally straight hair, the comments under her video testify to the effectiveness of the hack. According to social media users, the hack works on all types and textures of hair, from curly to wavy. The technique, though, won’t alter the pattern of your hair. It’s just that the moisturising properties of your conditioner complemented by the temperature of the water encourage your strands to lie down more smoothly, making your hair softer and shinier.

Remember that this is just a hack and that you cannot transform the natural texture of your hair overnight, especially because your hair type, in most cases, is determined by genetics. If you don’t have a cotton T-shirt, you can use a cotton-based towel instead. Ensure that you’re not drying your hair aggressively. Just squeeze the water out gently to prevent disturbing the cuticle, and triggering unnecessary frizz.

Another tip? When you’re shampooing your hair, drench your tresses in lukewarm water instead of hot water as higher temperatures strip your hair of moisture.


Which conditioner do we recommend for this hack?

Which conditioner do we recommend for this hack?

You must look for a moisturising conditioner that reinstates your hair’s silkiness and smoothness. We’re picking our favourite for ultra-smooth and glossy locks - the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth With Argan Oil Conditioner. The former nourishes your hair thoroughly, prevents breakage, detangles, and fortifies your strands against everyday wear and tear. And the latter is packed with moisturising antioxidants that reward you with straight, smooth, and silky hair.

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