Most girls with curly hair envy those with straight hair. While having naturally straight hair means many good hair days, you can’t deny the fact that even those with poker straight hair often look for ways to make their hair thick and voluminous. If you’re looking for hacks to help you, here are some of them...


Sleep with braids

Sleep with braids for straight hair

This one’s so easy—if you really want to give your hair some texture, just create a braid and sleep on it. This will definitely lend your hair some texture the next morning.


Dry shampoo and scrunch

Dry shampoo and scrunch for straight hair

Dry shampoo is our saviour on lazy days when our hair looks oily and we hardly have the time to wash our hair! But you know where else the power of dry shampoo lies? The fact that it gives you an instant root lift, which adds volume to your poker straight tresses. So all you have to do is apply some dry shampoo and scrunch your hair up!


Rely on a thickening product

Rely on a thickening product for straight hair

When it comes to feeding your hair the right nutrients, nothing does it better than a shampoo and conditioner with ingredients that add thickness to your tresses. We suggest using the Sunsilk lusciously Thick & Long Shampoo and Conditioner for this purpose. This range is enriched with Keratin Yoghurt Nutria-Complex, which has the power to nourish your hair from the root to the tip!


Tease your hair

Tease your hair to get straight hair

Sure, straight hair girls might have good hair days but they’re often troubled with their hair falling flat. Hence, it’s best to rely on a teasing comb and tease your hair before stepping out for it to look thicker and chic.