4 ways to get healthy hair at home

Written by Dayle PereiraDec 02, 2016

Apart from longing for hair that is straight, sleek, smooth and bouncy, at the very core, every woman needs hair that is healthy. That’s because healthy hair surpasses trends and hairstyles and goes with everything. So if you’re wondering how to get healthy hair that is gorgeous from inside and out, you need to know these hair care tips …

Protect those locks

Just as you protect your skin, your hair too needs to be shielded from the elements. During prolonged periods of sun exposure, opt for a scarf or hat. Avoid washing your hair with hot water as it damages the hair shaft so choose lukewarm water instead. When drying your tresses, use a soft t-shirt to do so as it is gentle and prevents frizz.

Turn back damage

No one wants healthy hair more than someone with damaged hair. If you feel that way, add the Dove Regenerative Repair Shampoo and Conditioner into your hair care routine. The formula of this shampoo and conditioner is powered by the Red Algae and Nutri Complex, which together intensely moisturises the hair and repairs damage for healthy, happy locks.

Eat up!

You already know that your body is a reflection of what you eat. The same rule applies for your hair too. That’s why it’s important to pack a diet full of protein, iron and Omega-3 fatty acids. Ensure that you increase your intake of eggs, dairy, oily fish and leafy veggies for strong, healthy hair in the future.

Treat yourself

Every once in a while, remember to treat, your hair and yourself, to a spa day at home. Get in a bit of scalp scrubbing to rid it of build-up and cleanse dirt away. A hot oil massage will go a long way to relax you and rejuvenate your hair. Finish off with a richly moisturising mask to sit back with while it nourishes your locks. Soon enough, your hair will gleam with good health!