4 Ways To Revamp Your Hairstyle Without Getting A Haircut

Written by Dayle PereiraMar 22, 2017
4 ways to revamp your hairstyle without getting a haircut
When it’s been a few months since your last haircut and you haven’t had the time to check in at the salon for a hair spa, your locks are bound to make you irritable. One look in the mirror and you know that your current hairdo is boring and yes, you’d give anything to fix that. That being said, there is a way to revamp your look and no, it doesn’t require you to drop into a salon. Dying to know how to upgrade your hairstyle at home without a pair of scissors? These 4 ways will show you how.

Put it up

To begin, wash and condition your hair with the Dove Rejuvenated Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. Created with a nutrient laden formula, this shampoo and conditioner will breathe life and volume back into tresses that are dull and thin. Trust this duo and you’ll soon have voluminous, bouncy hair.


Twist it up

Put it up

A simple twist to sections of the hair adds pizazz to one’s tresses with hardly any effort. Twisting the lengths of the hair and pinning it or adding it to a hairstyle requires hardly any expertise and can even be done on the move!

BB Loves a feminine twisted half updo hairstyle for a lunch date


Roll away

Put it up

If you thought rolling was a motion only reserved for dough, you might need to go over that again. Rolled hairstyles are peaking in popularity because of how simply they transform one’s locks with such little effort. Next time you step out, you’ll be glad you tried it.

BB Loves a rolled bun hairdo for a cocktail party


Braid a little

Put it up

If you’re stuck with hair that needs to be taken up a notch, braiding is the way to go. You can try a variety of braids which are best suited for the occasion and they can even be accessorised with a hair pin or two.

BB Loves a sassy pair of boxer braids to wear to the gym


Put it up

Put it up

When in doubt, put your hair up. A simple updo is the trick to lending your look a feminine touch for any occasion you choose. Bonus point – updos keep the hair off your face which means less fuss. Win-win!

BB Loves a voluminous bouffant for a sit down dinner

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