5 alternative uses of hair conditioner you didn’t know

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 07, 2018

You simply love how smooth, shiny and beautiful your conditioner makes your hair, don’t you? It leaves your strands moisturised and soft to the touch. But did you know this hair care product can be put to use for a lot more things?

Yes, we have discovered 5 alternative uses of the good ol’ conditioner that will surprise you. Read on to find them out...

Makeup remover

Ran out of makeup remover? No problem! Take a small amount of conditioner on a washcloth and use it to smoothly wipe off all the makeup and dirt from your face. Don’t forget to quickly rinse your face before hitting the bed.

Shaving cream

Do you find shaving creams a little too harsh? We get it, plus they’re expensive. Simply spread some hair conditioner all over the area you want to shave and watch that razor glide as smoothly as a knife on butter.

Softening cuticles

Cuticles tend to become too dry during the winters. Grab some conditioner and gently massage your cuticles with it for a few minutes and notice the changes immediately. Follow this for a few days to get soft and moisturised cuticles.

Condition brushes

We know how uneven and hard you makeup brushes look after you give them a wash and let it air dry. Take a dollop of conditioner on your makeup brushes post washing them, this will retain the shape and also keep them soft.

Fabric softener

The softening agents in your conditioner work quite well on fabrics as well. On days when you run out of fabric softeners replace it with your conditioner and get similar results. It can also be used to delicately wash your lacy lingerie without making them stiff.