The internet is loaded with beauty hacks; right from using a bobby pin for contouring to washing the hair with beer for shiny locks, we’ve seen them all. While some may work, most of these hacks turn out to be pretty disappointing. If you’ve been left disappointed by a few hacks before, chances are, you are a bit sceptical of trying new ones anymore.

But, don’t you worry, we have picked only the best, tried and tested, clever hair hacks that will keep your hair in good shape at all times. Scroll down to see all the hair hacks that will make your transform your hair game and how!


01. Apply conditioner before diving into the pool

Apply conditioner before diving into the pool

The onset of summer means diving in the pool to cool down and chill. While this may be relaxing for your body, your hair may end up looking like a mess afterwards because of the chlorine in water. To prevent this apply some moisturising conditioner on wet hair and leave it in; this will form a coating on your strands and prevent chlorinated water from soaking in your hair.


02. Use a toothbrush to tame flyaways

Use a toothbrush to tame flyaways

Baby hair or flyaways can ruin the best of hairstyles by sticking out. A clever hack to make them lay flat, along with the rest of your hair, is by using a toothbrush. Simply take an old, clean toothbrush and spritz some hairspray on it. Then, brush it over your hairline to lay down pesky flyaways and keep your hairstyle looking sleek and clean.


03. To make hair smell fresh

To make hair smell fresh

We’ve all had that week where we went a little too long without washing our tresses because we were too busy or just plain lazy. Whatever may be your reason, the odour from your unwashed hair and scalp can be a major turn off. A simple and clever hack is to spray your favourite perfume onto your hairbrush and comb through your tresses to get fresh smelling hair instantly!


04. Heatless paper roll curls

Heatless paper roll curls

Every loves bouncy curls, but not the time and effort a curling wand demands, right? This is why we’ve found the perfect heatless curling hack that will give you gorgeous curls. Start by spraying your hair with water, then roll each section around empty toilet paper rolls. Once your hair has dried off, remove the rolls and run your finger through them for natural-looking, heatless curls.


05. Overnight dry shampoo trick

Overnight dry shampoo trick

Dry shampoo is a blessing in disguise for every girl. But are you bothered by the white residue on your scalp? We get it. Here’s a trick that will ensure you never have to deal with that white residue ever again. Spray the dry shampoo the night before and sleep on it. This will give it enough time to soak up all the oil and leave your hair feeling fresh and clean by morning.