A healthy and happy mane is what every girl wishes for, but the big question remains — How do you achieve envious hair? If you’ve tried various hair care products and still haven’t managed to get closer to your hair goals, the reason could be pretty simple — your hair requires extra TLC.

No, we’re not asking you to empty your bank account to buy more hair care products, instead, we’re suggesting you t get your hands of these flowers to breathe life into your dull tresses. Yes, flowers. These flowers aren’t just gorgeous to look at but also possess incredible benefits for your tresses. Read on…


01. Jasmine


The aromatic jasmine flower does wonders for your hair. It acts as a natural conditioner that helps moisturise dry hair and even tames frizziness. Due to its cleansing and anti-microbial properties, jasmine helps fight hair lice, gets rid of chemical build-up in the hair and improve scalp’s health. Regularly using jasmine oil can help make your hair stronger and voluminous.


02. Rose


Making rose water a part of your hair care routine can improve your hair quality by a great deal. Topically applying rose water to your hair can help reduce oil production on the scalp, reduce dandruff, soften your tresses and even turn your frizzy, curly hair more manageable.


03. Hibiscus


The gorgeous hibiscus flower helps inhibit hair loss, prevents split ends and premature greying, controls frizz, reduces dryness, adds volume and prevents breakage too. Hibiscus is basically the G.O.A.T floral ingredient for your hair that you didn’t even know you needed! You can grind the flower to make DIY hair masks or use its powder to help your hair grow healthy.


04. Bergamot


Coming from the citrus family, the bergamot flower is rich in vitamin C and works to strengthen your hair and make the cuticles strong and healthy. It improves your scalp’s health, makes your tresses lustrous and works to prevent weather-induced dullness and dryness that may cause your hair to break.


05. Rosemary


The beautiful rosemary flowers are extremely good for your scalp. The flower can help promote blood circulation on the scalp that can aid in hair growth. It is especially great for people facing troubles like hair loss and baldness. Furthermore, it can make your hair shiny, prevent premature greying and even help fight dandruff. Sounds like a total winner to us.