Every girl dreams of luscious, healthy hair that cascades below her shoulders. However, the scores of beauty tips for hair and long rows of hair products can make it seem quite overwhelming. Even though hair growth tips are a dime a dozen, the trick lies in zeroing in on the most effective ones. To do this, you’ve got to trust the hair care experts. Thankfully, you’re in luck. If you’ve been wondering how to get thick hair for far too long, we’ve got the top 5 hair care tips for you to get the tresses of your dreams.


Wash your hair with the right products

If you feel like you’ve been growing your hair for ages and with barely any visible growth in length, look no further than the Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth Shampoo and Conditioner. Since it is enriched with Biotin, a popular hair care vitamin, it nurtures hair from the root to tip. This prevents hair breakage and makes room for the strand to grow to its full potential. Luscious locks, here we come!


Cold water rinse

While a warm bath can feel especially reassuring on winter days, make sure it’s not the last part of your hair washing routine. Once you cleanse and condition your hair, tilt your head backwards and rinse your hair with cold water for a couple of seconds. This hair care tip will seal moisture within the hair cuticle so that the strands stay hydrated when you step out.


Trust an Elixir

To get the long hair you’ve always wanted, nothing works better than a good old-fashioned oil massage. What you should pick is the right hair oil for the purpose. We recommend the Dove Nourished Shine Elixir. Enriched with argan oil and hibiscus that not only lends tresses a luminous finish but also rejuvenates damaged hair so that new hair growth is healthy. Turn to this one for your next head massage!


Go gaga for yoga

If you thought yoga only strengthened the body, you’ll be surprised to know that it can affect the hair too! Do you know how exercise helps the texture of your skin get better? The same process applies to hair as well. To get healthy, thick hair with the help of yoga, we suggest a few stress relieving poses like the downward dog. Why it works so well is because these exercises stimulate the flow of blood to the head which in turn, helps hair grow faster.


Trim your hair regularly

This may sound like an opposing hair growth tip but just trust us on this. If you try to grow your hair without regular trims, you will soon notice the ends of the hair length shaggy and damaged, which will eventually need to be chopped off. However, if you trim your hair every three months, the growth will be gradual while split ends, which make hair look unhealthy and lifeless, will be driven away. Moreover, you should know that the more the split ends, the bigger the chances of your hair breaking and falling—something you absolutely don’t want when trying to grow your hair. That’s reason enough to schedule your next haircut appointment!