Keeping up with trendy hairstyle with a small and round face shape can make you look plumper. Not all of us have a long face with high cheekbones and chiselled jaw. And not every trendy hairstyle will suit you and that's perfectly fine. 

However, it is important to choose the right hairstyle that will suit your face as well as conceal certain imperfection with regards to its shape. By adopting the right hairstyle you can distract attention from the not so great features of your face and bring out the stronger ones. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and bookmark this page because you are going to need it!

5 hairstyles that make your face look slimmer

Low bun

Be it for work or date night, this effortless and pretty looking centre-parted low bun takes the cake. It breaks the roundness and shadow of your face and gives an illusion of sharpness. Start by parting your hair at the centre, loosely tie your hair at the back in a low bun and pull out pieces around the face to soften the look.

5 hairstyles that make your face look slimmer

Voluminous top knot

A voluminous top knot creates a vertical illusion by lengthening your face and giving it a slimming effect. Any hairstyle that helps your face achieve height and volume is your go-to and you should learn it right away! Tease the crown area to add volume then grab all your hair into a top knot and securing with bobby pins to get the look. 

5 hairstyles that make your face look slimmer

Straight hair + middle parting

Kriti Sanon’s signature hairstyle is another simple and great hairstyle that can make your face look slimmer. Get your straightener and start by straightening your hair. Part it at the centre and let it fall naturally to add definition to your face.

5 hairstyles that make your face look slimmer

Side swept long curls

Curls can help frame your face. The longer and tighter your curls, the longer your face will appear. You can also ask the hairstylist to give it layers that start below your chin and angled outwards.

5 hairstyles that make your face look slimmer

High ponytail

High ponytail adds impeccable definition to the face, no wonder it is the go-to hairstyle for most celebrities. It elongates the whole face and highlights your cheekbones, giving your face a slimmer and sleeker look. Apply hair gel or hair spray and pull your hair up into a high, tight ponytail. Mist with a light hairspray to tame flyaways.