You may be using the best of products available out there but trust us, nothing can beat the look of a naturally healthy and shiny mane. While you may use a hair serum, are you eating right for your hair? We tell you the raw foods to binge on for your crowning glory.  And yes, these are all available at your local supermarket.

5 raw foods that will give you a healthy mane brusseks sprouts 430x550

Brussels sprouts

It inhibits carcinogens and is packed with Vitamins A and C that help produce sebum—the precious scalp oil that is necessary for your hair to grow and shine. You could make a salad with this one by mixing it with your other favourite raw veggies like cherry tomatoes and spinach.

5 raw foods for healthy lifestyle kale 430x550


Kale being one of the greenest vegetables helps your hair maintain its lustre and shine. It also contains Vitamins A and C that help produce sebum and promote hair growth. Snack on some before lunch to get the best out of the vegetable.

5 raw foods for healthy lifestyle yellow bell pepper 430x550

Yellow bell pepper

Yellow bell pepper contains large amounts of Vitamin E, which help repair and rebuild hair and scalp tissue. It also helps to repair damaged follicles and encourages growth. So, the next time you make a pizza, top it with some raw bell pepper slices to eat your way to healthy hair.

5 raw foods for healthy lifestyle pineapple 430x550


Our bodies cannot make Vitamin C on its own. Pineapple is an excellent source of Vitamin C that helps build collagen and break down iron in the hair. This helps bring life and shine to your hair. Need an added bonus? It also makes your skin glow.

5 raw foods for healthy lifestyle prunes 430x550


They have powerful antioxidants that increase blood flow and improve the circulation in your body and scalp. This stimulates the hair follicle and helps waken the hair roots for easy growth.