For centuries, henna has been used as a dye for hair, fingernails, skin (mehendi) and so on. We all know how henna is an great natural hair colourant. What many of us don’t know is how great henna is for our hair in so many different ways. If you had dismissed going that extra mile to whip-up some henna-based concoction for your hair all this while, read on. By the end of the story, you will be out the door, on your way to pick up some henna. Yes, that’s how good it is for your hair.

Here’s why:

1. Henna heals the scalp

Many nasty hair woes like dandruff, dry scalp, and hair fall stem from an unhealthy scalp. Yes, your scalp needs TLC as well! Henna helps with that. Henna is a coolant, so it soothes the scalp, while unclogging the pores and adjusting the pH of your scalp. It also helps regulate the oil secretion on your scalp helping keep dandruff in check. Who would have thought that one humble ingredient would pack so much of a punch,right?

2. Henna boosts hair growth

Who doesn’t like long, luscious tresses just like on TV, huh? However, with the kind of stressful lives that we all lead these days, hair fall, lack of hair growth beyond a certain point, and other hair woes are more than common. That’s where natural remedies like henna hair packs come in. You can use henna in a DIY mask or as a hair pack in combination with other natural ingredients like aloe vera, amla powder, coconut milk, curd, castor oil etc. Henna heals your scalp and nourishes it. It also stalls hair fall by helping balance the pH of your scalp. All these actions together boost hair growth from inside.


3. Henna works like a natural dye

3. Henna works like a natural dye

Henna has always been used as a hair dye. If you have grey hair and would prefer colouring it, henna’s what you need. Whip up a hair mask using henna powder, egg, and honey and apply it on your hair. Let the mask sit for two hours or so, and then shampoo. Always remember to condition your hair after.

4. Conditions your hair beautifully

Henna is one great natural conditioner. Using a henna hair mask gives you soft, shiny, bouncy hair. For those with frizzy, dry, unruly hair, henna is a boon! So this powerhouse of a hair care ingredient forms a sheath of sorts around each hair shaft and locks in a lot of moisture. Henna thus is super hydrating and makes your tresses look lustrous.


5. Stops awful hair fall and strengths your tresses

5. Stops awful hair fall and strengths your tresses

If you aren’t already sold on using henna on your hair,here’s another reason--it stops hair fall and strengths your hair as well! We already know that henna helps restore your scalp’s pH balance. This helps seal your hair cuticles and arrests hair fall. Also, the elasticity of your henna-nourished hair improves drastically, which stops hair breakage. Isn’t that awesome?

Henna basically helps you have gorgeous hair. Don’t miss out on the superpowers of this hair care ingredient. Go, buy some right away and make that henna hair mask!