Hair colour treatments can be a lot of fun, as they allow you to get rid of dull looking hair and add a lovely hue to it for an instant transformation. While choosing a colour for your mane, there are two ways to go about it - either you pick a low maintenance yet chic hue or go for a crazier, quirky tint that stands out in a crowd. And while vibrant and crazy colours make for a wonderful Insta moment, they often fade faster and are tricky to maintain. If you do not want to be bothered by too much upkeep, but still want some dimensional colour in your hair, we suggest you take the first approach. This is especially true for dark desi hair colours that need considerable lifting to sport lighter colours like platinum blonde or rose gold. But, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the drama because we picked some fabulous low maintenance dye jobs that are so chic; check them out!


1. Global red-brown hair

Global red-brown hair

Image courtesy: @seeun_st

Global colouring is a technique that covers your mane in a single hue from root to tip. A red-brown global dye job is perfect for covering up greys peeking through naturally dark hair. When done by a professional, it usually takes 1-2 hours, depending upon the length and thickness of your hair, and is a simple procedure. This flattering colour can be a good start for first-timers who want to experience a hair colouring treatment.


2. Face-framing blonde highlights

Face-framing blonde highlights

Image courtesy: @mikaatbhc

Slender, dainty blonde highlights paired with glossy black hair look so stunning on Indian skin tones. Focus on framing your face with the highlights cascading down the front and merging into scattered hues at the ends. This is a good way to experiment with blonde hues without having to go all the way.


3. Warm brown accents for black hair

Warm brown accents for black hair

Image courtesy: @hairbypucci

If you are bored with black hair, but do not want a big change, this warm brunette aesthetic is a good option to pick. The colour accentuates the natural dark hue of your hair, instead of hiding it, with sneaky brown accents put in to add more depth to your hair. This colour works wonders in adding volumising details to fine black hair; however, any hair type and texture can get the colour as well.


4. Honey brown melt

Honey brown melt

Image courtesy: @salonhaircrush

If you are looking for a warm hue that seamlessly blends into your naturally dark base colour, this honey-brown melt is perfect for that. Melting is a hair coloring technique that leaves no harsh lines behind and gives the new colour a very natural-looking finish. Plus, the delicious honey brown hue is all kinds of glossy and glam - perfect for the party season.


5. Copper brown shadows

Copper brown shadows

Image courtesy: @shrangarika_official

Traditional copper brown tones are dark, rich and full of depth. But lighten it a bit, and you get an equally stunning and much more approachable colour like this. The colouring technique gives the impression of copper brown, while creating shadows underneath and we love how creamy and full the hair looks. We bet this colour will go great with all of your cosy looks this winter!


6. Golden brown glam

Golden brown glam

Image courtesy: @douglaslevinsk

A versatile colour, golden brown is a mix of two hues - medium brown and light blonde. The colour can be opted to lighten naturally dark and brown hair, while still maintaining the integrity of the base colour. It looks ultra-glamorous, is dramatic in just the right amount and looks great under the sun. Not to mention, the flattering golden hue brings out the warmth in Indian skin tones like no other.


7. Global jet black colour

Global jet black colour

Image courtesy: @tayzhair

Believe it or not, completely jet black hair is a rarity even amongst us desis; there is always a little of brown or faded black pigment in our mane. But if 2020 hair colour trends are to be believed, intense jet black hair is here to stay and slay! This shade is currently so desirable that some have started cursing themselves for getting rid of their naturally jet black hair. But fret not, you can always get this sexy colour with little to no effort, as it requires very less upkeep commitments!


8. Burgundy balayage

Burgundy balayage

Image courtesy: @lehairsalonaz

Yet another flattering hue for naturally dark hair, burgundy balayage on black hair has a certain charm to it that’s unmatchable. To pick the most flattering burgundy shade for you, take your skin undertone into consideration. Cool burgundy with lots of red and violet in it flatters skin with pink and olive undertones. Whereas warm brown burgundy looks lovely on skin with peach or golden undertones.


9. Demi-permanent tips

Demi-permanent tips

Image courtesy: @hilaryphillipshair

Demi-permanent tips are an ammonia-free dye job that penetrates the first layer of your hair for a statement colour change. This is a good way to experiment with vibrant colours, without causing a lot of damage. The current trend is to just do the tips with a quirky tint, like purple or pink, that usually lasts for up to 24 shampoo sessions, fading in a gradual but still attractive manner. A little bit of toning shampoo or conditioner will take care of any dullness that might occur before it completely washes off.


10. Bleached bits

Bleached bits

Image courtesy: @krystlehillhairdressing

FYI, when done by a professional, hair bleaching can be a totally safe process with excellent results. But if you do not wish to damage your tresses like that, the trendy option is to go for face-framing, thin bleached bits in the front. Popularly known as ‘rogue blonde’, this hair colour style lightens hair strands just in the front, giving you a taste of bleached hair that looks oh-so-cool!


11. Coffee ombré

Coffee ombré

Image courtesy: @karina.crazycolor

Similar to demi-permanent tips, the idea of focusing the colour at just the tips of your hair requires minimal effort and keeps colour damage away from your roots. An ombré technique, with coffee tones, gives such a pretty look to naturally dark hair. Plus, it is customisable, as you can go from dark coffee to creamy latte shades - all of which are super flattering on Indian skin tones.


FAQs about hair colours for women

FAQs about hair colours for women

Q. Which hair colours are trending in 2020?

A. The hair colours that got a lot of attention in 2020 are deep red tones and semi-permanent quirky hues like pastels, rose gold, purple and strawberry blonde. The hair colour trends in 2020 were largely dictated by box-dyed experiences at home, because of quarantine and social distancing, making statement colours like these desirable both during and post-lockdown days.

Q. Does hair colour make your look younger?

A. Yes, apart from the fact that they cover up greys, some hair colours can indeed make your look more youthful. Lighter and warmer hues like golden and honey can take off a couple of years from your look in an instant - plus they glow under the sun, which is reminiscent of youthful charm.

Q. How long does balayage hair colour last?

A. Depending on your hair care habits, a simple balayage can last anywhere between 4-6 months in-between touch ups. Since balayage does not require as much upkeep as other global colours, you can easily space out touch-ups and grow out the colour without having to strip it.

Q. What are the best hair colours to cover grey hair?

A. If your goal is to cover up greys, the best hair colours to choose are jet black, butterscotch, subtle auburn and golden brown. These colours can perfectly fill colour in your greys and still keep it looking totally natural.

Main image courtesy: @tarangagarwal_official, @sayedsaba