5 Reasons You Have Oily Hair

Written by Chandni GhoshMar 22, 2017
Most of us know the feeling of washing our hair in the morning and finding it greasy by the night, just before heading out for a date. It’s frustrating but it happens to the best of us. If you’ve been facing this problem far too often, these reasons might be to blame...

Brushing your hair too many times

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You know how they say brushing your hair in 100 strokes gives you beautiful hair? Yeah, that’s a myth. Over brushing your hair will cause it to over stimulate oil production and eventually make your scalp and hair greasy.


Evading the right product

<a href="/lifestyle/work-and-life/5-daily-ways-to-reduce-stress">Stress</a>ing out

Ignoring a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type is the root of all your problems. Rely on something mild with the right nutrients as well as a product that gives your hair a natural shine post wash. We suggest you go with the Dove Daily Shine Shampoo and Conditioner range because this one is formulated with nutritive serum that leaves your hair nourished and shiny.



<a href="/lifestyle/work-and-life/5-daily-ways-to-reduce-stress">Stress</a>ing out

You know how overwashing your skin causes overproduction of sebum? The same goes for your hair. When you wash your hair every day, the oil glands go on an overdrive making your scalp greasier. It is best to restrict your hair wash to just thrice a week.


Avoiding dry shampoo

<a href="/lifestyle/work-and-life/5-daily-ways-to-reduce-stress">Stress</a>ing out

If you’ve been suffering from oily hair for a while, one of the best solutions to the problem might be relying on a dry shampoo that reduces the greasy texture of your hair. The TIGI Bed Head Sugar Dust not only does the job of absorbing oil from your roots but also gives an instant volume and lift to your hair.


<a href="/lifestyle/work-and-life/5-daily-ways-to-reduce-stress">Stress</a>ing out

<a href="/lifestyle/work-and-life/5-daily-ways-to-reduce-stress">Stress</a>ing out

You may not realise it but stress causes your sebaceous glands to act up. Like it affects your skin, this also affects your scalp by making it greasy. So it’s about time you did something substantial to keep your stress levels in check like meditation or even spending more time doing something recreational.

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