Five Shampoo Mistakes To Avoid If You Want Strong And Luscious Hair

Written by Girija NaiksatamSep 18, 2018
We’re all guilty of a bad-hair habit every now and then, but what if your most basic hair-ritual is all kinds of wrong? Here’s busting some myths and giving you the right guide to treating your beloved tresses with love. Read on so you’re more mindful the next time you step in for your routine rinse.
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Shampoo Faux Pas #1: Not choosing the right shampoo
We’ve committed this hair-sin on more occasions than one, grabbing a bottle of shampoo without putting too much thought into it. Saying to yourself, all shampoos are the same, right? Wrong! Choosing a good quality and the right kind of shampoo for your hair needs is paramount. For damaged and dull hair, look for natural ingredients in your shampoo. We would recommend the Sunsilk Natural Recharge that has ginseng extracts to lend that natural shine and body to your hair.

Shampoo Faux Pas #2: Using too much chemical over natural goodness
Harsh and chemically loaded shampoos are the big reason for weak and dry hair. The tough detergent like formula leaves hair brittle and unmanageable. Using a shampoo with natural extracts like the Sunsilk Natural Recharge gives your hair the necessary gentle love to make it voluminous, shiny and bouncy.

Shampoo Faux Pas #3: Weakening your hair by over-washing
The natural oils that your hair secretes are actually good for you, so over-washing is doing more harm than good. Over-washing your hair strips it of its natural oils leaving your locks brittle and unhappy. Unless your hair is filthy, stick to washing once every 2-3 days and if you’re looking to just give your hair that added shine in between you can skip the shampoo and opt for a conditioner rinse. The Sunsilk Natural Recharge with ginseng extracts is a gentle way of adding that necessary volume and strength to weak hair.

Shampoo Faux Pas #4: Washing hair lengths instead of the scalp
Shampoo is meant for your scalp and crown area. You do not have to scrub the entire length of your hair with it, in turn making it dry. Once you adequately shampoo your scalp and wash it, the lengths of your hair just need that rinse and not a dollop of shampoo or scrubbing. This is not only a sensible trick for your hair but also saves your favourite shampoo bottle from running out on you too soon.  

Shampoo Faux Pas #5: Not conditioning every single time
If you are one of those who leave conditioners only for weekend washes then you could be in big trouble. Conditioners are meant to be used every single time after a shampoo to seal in moisture and make your hair more manageable. Skipping this step even once means exposing your hair to environmental damage. Also, remember that your conditioner is only for the lengths of your hair and not the roots and scalp. Using it on your scalp could give you greasy hair and even dandruff.

With these easy tips you’ll be on your way to getting the most essential hair-care ritual right, leaving your head of hair nourished, moisturised and glossy as ever.

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