Your hair is constantly exposed to the polluted environment which in winter is exceptionally stoked by dryness. Winter pollution has the worst impact on your hair as it makes the scalp and hair strands dry and damaged. Pollutants in the air further degrade the texture of your hair making it rough and broken.

Due to winter dryness, additional problems like dandruff and flaky scalp occur, which further reduce the absorption levels of your roots. In such extreme weather and polluted environment, all sources of nourishment for hair are cut down which leads to completely damaged hair.

To protect your hair from all that, therefore, and to keep the damage minimal we suggest you try these lifestyle hacks that actually seemed to work...

Protect your hair against pollution damage

  1. Always use hair protectant sprays or gels before leaving the house. This way you can reduce the settling of external pollutants on your hair strands. Hair protectant sprays also help in reducing the impact of pollution on your hair by acting as a protective coat which prevents greying of hair caused due to environmental chemicals.
  2. Start using anti-dandruff products even if you do not have dandruff. This will help prevent the formation of flakes on your scalp that lead to dandruff. If you do have dandruff then obviously you need to pick your products accordingly.  
  3. Try to reduce the number of hair washes you take per week to two times as it will help prevent drying of the scalp due to excessive use of shampoos. Always finish your showers by applying a good conditioner that suits your hair type. Sometimes using a hair conditioner that does not suit your hair type can cause excessive hair fall.
  4. Regularly oil your hair with coconut or almond oil as these oils help seal the moisture quotient of your scalp. These oils also act as a protective coat of your scalp and prevent intrusion or absorption of pollutants into the scalp.
  5. Trim your hair before winters get extreme, to maintain the health of your hair ends and avoid the formation of split ends. This will also help in improving your hair growth.