Newbie brides, now that you are done with the week-long wedding and all those elaborate functions and ceremonies, you can finally sit back and relax! Wel, who are we kidding? There’s no relaxing for you. There are a lot of after-wedding rituals, family dinners and parties to attend to.

But if you are tired of those extravagant bridal hairdos by now, we’ve picked 5 chic yet easy-to-do hairstyles, for times when you got no time or patience but gotta look on point.


1. Half up double twist

1.	Half up double twist

This beautiful everyday hairstyle is perfect for small gathering and parties. Plus, it is so easy it can be pulled off in a tick. Take a section of your hair from the side around temple and twist it. Take it to back of hair and pin it with bobby pins. Do same with other side and secure. Take a nice gold pin or brooch and cover the bobby pins.


2. Braided bun

2.	Braided bun

This classy hairdo isn’t as tough as it looks. Believe us! This is perfect for girls with long hair to rock the saree look. Just take the top section from around your crown and French braid it. Secure the braid with a hair tie. Wrap all of your hair into a twisted bun keeping the braid on outside. It the hair tie is visible carefully cut it with a fine scissor. And you’re done.  


3. Braided half up

3.	Braided half up

This easy-peasy hairstyle work well for any kind of hair: short, long, curly or straight. Start by making a puff and securing it at the back of hair. Now take a small section of hair from left side (top of ear) and braid it. Do same with other side. Take the braids from both sides and cross them over to the opposite side and pin nicely.


4. Half up twist bun

4.	Half up twist bun

Half buns are cute, casual and fun. Pair it with some glitter pins and there, you have party updo in no time. Tie a small section from top hair into a pony. Tease hair to create volume. Take the ponytail and create a voluminous bun by twisting and wrapping it around the base. Pin into place and let rest of hair loose.


5. Side braided ponytail

5.	Side braided ponytail

Soft braided ponytail is flirty and funky and a quick hairstyle when you’re on the clock. Achieve this look by creating a side part. Leave a section from around 3 inches back from forehead to back of ear. Tie rest of hair in a low ponytail. Braid the left out hair into messy and soft pleats of your choice. Wrap the braid nicely around the ponytail and secure it.