5 Of The Strangest Hair Hacks That Actually Work

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
5 of the strangest hair hacks that actually work

The internet is a strange place. One moment, it convinces us all to get a wolf cut (guilty!). Next, it tells us that you should use peanut butter as a shaving cream — which doesn't work and can cause infections (in case you were thinking of trying it). Amidst all these conflicting opinions, figuring out what the real deal is can be hard. But kick back and relax because we've got it figured out.

We've listed down our favourite internet-approved hair hacks that work, and can up the quality of your hair while being super easy to try out. Read on ahead for more.


01. Dish soap removes unwanted colour

05. Socks can curl hair

Okay, yes, we know we're starting with something completely bizarre — but dish soap removes unwanted colour! If your hair colour turned out to be darker than you imagined, or you're just bored of whatever the hue of the week is, you can add a drop of dish soap to your shampoo (once it's out of the bottle, of course) and simply lighten the shade. PS: Don’t make a habit of this, though, because overuse can strip your hair of its natural oils.


02. You can tame flyaways with a toothbrush

05. Socks can curl hair

Bella Hadid's slick buns are enviable for sure, but if you've got flyaways that refuse to cooperate, this one's for you. Simply take hairspray and an unused/new toothbrush. Spray the hairspray on the toothbrush, and brush down any flyaways and baby hair that threaten to destroy your hairstyle. And voilà! Having model-esque hair has never been easier.


03. Setting powder can be used as a DIY dry shampoo

05. Socks can curl hair

Fun fact: loose setting powder works like a dream when your hair looks greasy. Since its point is to soak up excess oil on your face, it manages to do the same for your scalp, and well, it's pretty great to have a two-in-one use for the product. Take a handful of setting powder in your palms or a powder brush and thoroughly run it through your hair, especially on your scalp. Make sure the powder’s properly absorbed, give it a comb through, and you're good to go.


04. Mayo can be used as a hair mask

05. Socks can curl hair

Sure, it makes a great addition to sandwiches, but did you know that mayonnaise can be used as a hair mask? All you need to do is wet your hair, apply a cup full of your mayonnaise from your scalp to your ends, massage in the product, and wait for around 20 minutes before rinsing it out and shampooing as normal. Since mayo has egg and oil in it, this hair mask adds shine and strengthens the hair like no other while also moisturising your hair in the process.


05. Socks can curl hair

05. Socks can curl hair

Image courtesy: @insider

Yep, you can get heatless curls with socks! First up, you need a few pairs of socks — around two should be enough. Section off your hair in four parts, and attach each sock to a section of the hair. Then, twist your hair, secure the twists to each sock with hair ties, and leave it overnight. You'll have voluminous curls overnight! Just make sure you're using clean socks.

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