Stylish Wavy Hair Routines To Try In 2023: 5 Tips

Written by Lopa KMar 06, 2023
Stylish Wavy Hair Routines to Try in 2023: 5 Tips

When it comes to curly hair, there are tons of routines cropping up on how to maintain the curls, manage the frizz, moisturise, and so on. Then there’s the straight hair type which too has lots of content like how to style it, take care of it and all. But what do we do when we are smack in the middle of both types? Us poor wavy hair girls gotta take some tips from here and there, make do with a random bun hairstyle or oil it and that’s it. Some of the wavy hair girls don’t even realise that they have wavy hair as it is just frizzy, a little straight, a little curly and basically a wild mane. So, if you have wavy hair but are tired of not finding the right haircare routine specifically for you, you’re in the right place now. 

Stylish Wavy Hair Routines to Try in 2023: The Basics  

Are you one of those ladies who have no idea what their hair type is? Does it fall straight during your hill station vacations or get all frizzy during the monsoons? Well, this chameleon property of wavy hair makes it difficult for us to figure out how exactly to exploit it and bring it to its fullest potential. The curly hair routine just may make it look too flat and oily while putting it up in a bun hairstyle or leaving it open isn’t enough. Your wavy hair routine should make your natural waves stay in shape, get rid of frizz and keep it healthy. If that wasn’t enough, there are different types of wavy hair according to which you have to look after yours. 

Types of waves:

  • First, we have the wide waves that can almost pass off as straight hair. It goes from narrow to wide waves due to thin hair. 
  • The second type has the same wave shape from the root to tip. This can make your hair more susceptible to frizz. 
  • Lastly, some people have thick and coarse waves. It tends to be dry and can turn very frizzy which may make you think you simply have curly hair that’s lost its shape due to the frizz and dryness.

Use a sulphate-free shampoo

Style with anti frizz serum

Since you have a combination of the two extreme types of hair — curly and straight, you actually have the best of both worlds. Despite your hair being on the straighter side of business, the natural bonds of your hair are shaped in extremely loose curls to give you those beachy waves. But that also means that if it loses moisture, the waves will lose shape and turn frizzy. So, make sure to use a chemical-free shampoo like the Dove Beautiful Curls Sulphate Free Shampoo to deep cleanse your hair. It is free of sulphates which would otherwise dry out your hair. Instead, this gentle shampoo uses aloe, shea and glycerine to get rid of the dirt and grime while keeping your tresses nourished. 

How to Use the Tip  

First and foremost, stay away from hot water as it can strip your hair off the natural oils, turn it frizzy and fray the cuticles. Rinse your scalp with lukewarm water if you like a warmer temperature and then shampoo your hair. After washing off the shampoo, end your hair wash with a cold water rinse to seal the cuticles and keep it hydrated.


Moisturize with conditioner

Style with anti frizz serum

For curly and wavy hair, the only way to maintain its shape is to make sure all of the strands from the root to the tip are well-fed and nourished. If bad hair habits turn it dry, your saviour is a moisturising conditioner like the Dove Beautiful Curls Detangling Conditioner. Like its shampoo counterpart, it replaces the usual harsh chemicals for a nourishing triple formula of glycerine, coconut oil and shea butter. This not only makes it easier to detangle your knots without breaking them, your waves will stay frizz-free and soft. 

How to Use the Tip  

After shampooing your hair, take a coin-sized amount of the conditioner and apply it to your hair from the middle of your hair to the tips while avoiding the roots. Let it sit for a few minutes and then wash it off. It is formulated while keeping coloured and treated hair in mind to give you a shiny and vibrant finish.


Hair mask to enhance the waves

Style with anti frizz serum

Along with your usual shampooing and conditioning, you should also add a hair mask to your haircare routine. A hydrating and nourishing hair mask strengthens the bonds of your hair to hold the shape of your waves. For this, we love the Dove Beautiful Curls Deep Moisturise Miracle Hair Mask. Using the same triple-nourishing formula full of natural ingredients, the mask calms frizz and fights dryness.  

How to Use the Tip  

All you need to do is use the hair mask once or twice a week depending on how frizzy or limp your waves are. Take a generous amount and evenly apply it all over your hair leaving the scalp untouched. It not only seals the moisture but also works on repairing any damaged hair. Leave it for five minutes and then wash it off. 

Air dry your hair 

Drying your hair also happens to be an art in itself. Heat and hair are old enemies and blow drying your hair without any heat protection is just a recipe for frizz. If that wasn’t enough, rubbing your hair with a towel is also a no-no as the coarse material could make it frizzy and lead to breakage. Let your hair air dry instead. 

How to Use the Tip  

Use an old cotton tee to soak the excess water from your hair and then let it air dry. If you have a lot of volume, you can make sections and clip them. A half bun hairstyle is also enough to keep the wet hair off your face.


Style with anti frizz serum

Style with anti frizz serum

If you have been one of those girls who get easily frustrated with your hair and just throw it in a bun hairstyle all day, every day, we’ve a solution for you. Don’t style your hair immediately after a hair wash, it will be limp and fall flat. A slight buildup the next day will add volume. And always use an anti-frizz serum. Go for something like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum as it not only smoothens the frizz but keeps it moisturised with the goodness of camellia oil and argan oil. It also adds a shine to your waves, making them ready to style in any intricate hairstyle you like. 

How to Use the Tip  

Before you start styling your hair, take a few pumps of the serum in your palm and apply it to your hair. Using your fingers or a comb, run through the strands to evenly spread the serum. But make sure that you only apply from the mid-length to the ends, since styling serums clog the roots and add to your everyday buildup of the scalp. However, this serum is lightweight so you don’t have to worry about a greasy or oily look. 

FAQs about Stylish Wavy Hair Routines to Try in 2023   

Q1. Is my hair wavy or curly? 

When a bunch of different strands get grouped together in one spiral or curl and require a lot of nourishment to stay in that shape, that’s curly hair. For wavy hair, most of the strands bend in the same direction — a loose ‘S’ shape and tend to be less frizzy than curly hair. 

Q2. How do I sleep with wavy hair? 

While you can always put it in a bun hairstyle, if you naturally have frizzy hair or the waves don’t stay in shape, you may need to go one step further. Tie it in a loose ponytail if you have short or medium length hair. If you have extremely frizzy hair, tie it up in a silk scarf to avoid friction. 

Q3. Why is my wavy hair not wavy? 

Like curly hair, if your hair doesn’t have enough moisture, the waves won’t stay in shape and fall flat. This is also because most waves tend to start off as straight and then curl up near the end. To maintain the shape, you need a moisturising hair routine. 

And so if you’re one of those wavy hair girls who are never happy with their hair, switch up your haircare routine today and sport beachy waves every day. 

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