5 Simple Summer Hair Care Tips For Oily Hair

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 17, 2018
Girls with oily hair, we know your hair woes in the summers—your tresses turns greasy quickly and looks flat almost all through the season. But that hardly means you can’t fight these summer hair concerns. With a new hair care routine and easy hair care tips listed below, this summer you won’t have anything to complain about…

Use the right cleanser

Avoid excessive brushing

For oily haired girls, summers mean flat and lifeless hair. That’s why you need a summer hair care routine, which involves a hair cleanser that gives them a boost of volume by breathing life into your tresses. We suggest going with the revolutionary TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Shampoo and Conditioner Range that proposes using conditioner before shampoo—a hair care routine that helps you achieve long lasting volume.


Avoid blow drying

Avoid excessive brushing

When you blow dry your hair, there are chances of your scalp getting dry and flaky and the after effect of that is an oilier scalp! Wondering how that happens? Well, to compensate, your scalp starts producing more sebum than required. And the result is a greasy scalp bound to lead to a bad hair day! Besides, the sun’s rays are quite harsh during this season and there’s already so much heat trapped in your scalp that you certainly want to stay away from heat styling!


Wash your hair every alternate day

Avoid excessive brushing

You might think that washing your hair every day is the solution to fighting summer hair problems but this is far from the truth. Much like blow drying, washing your hair every day will strip your hair of its natural oils, which automatically leads to excess sebum production. This is why your hair care routine should involve washing your hair every alternate day only.


Keep dry shampoo handy

Avoid excessive brushing

If you have greasy hair, your hair care routine must involve a dry shampoo once in a while. We suggest using the TIGI Bed Head Sugar Dust. This one not only does the job of absorbing oil from your roots but also gives your hair a lift and instant volume.


Avoid excessive brushing

Avoid excessive brushing

When you brush your hair several times, you basically stimulate oil production causing your already greasy scalp to turn further oily. This is why you need ensure that you don’t over brush your tresses if you truly want a hair care routine that gives you long lasting results.

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