5 Sweat-Proof Workout Hairstyles To Rock Your Gym Look

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedSep 16, 2023
5 sweat-proof workout hairstyles to rock your gym look

While we have often spoken of gym wear and the athleisure fashion trend, we have rarely invested any thought in gym hairdos. With time, however, we have seen a rise in gym style and with it we’ve seen the rise of gym hairdos as well.

Even though the only thing your gym hair need to do, is staying away from your face, it won’t hurt to dress your tresses accordingly! Here are 5 chic yet sweat-proof hairdos to make your hair stay put throughout your workout.


Boxer braids


Nothing beats badass boxer braids when it comes to gym hairdos. A simple centre parting with both sides braided into tightly secured braids is just the perfect way to rock your gym look. For a badass workout, dress the part ladies.


The high ponytail


A high ponytail is easily the most obvious hairdo to wear to the gym. Just make sure you have tightly secured your pony at the crown, with the hair pulled back and you are ready for a high-action gym session.   


Braided top knots


Another obvious hairdo you can wear to the gym is a simple top knot. But here is how you can add a little drama to this otherwise very humble hairdo. To give your top knot a chic upgrade, braid the front section of your hair starting at the forehead, all the way back and then tie it up into a usual top knot. Simple yet chic!


The high fishtail braid


A super-stylish high-fishtail braid is another chic way to style your hair when headed to the gym. Just start braiding at the crown and braid it all the way down. Hair pulled at the back and braided into a chic braid is easily the chicest way to wear your hair to the gym.     




When in doubt, go for the regular ponytail and add a braid spin to it. A simple ponytail turned into a pony-braid is easy, fuss-free and makes you look like a hot gym ninja!

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