5 Ways To Avoid Washing Your Hair Daily

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
5 ways to avoid washing your hair daily

Cleansing is important, it gets rid of dirt, germs and oil build-up from the body. While cleansing your skin daily is absolutely necessary, the same is not applicable to your hair. We know it is difficult to not reach out for that shampoo bottle every morning in the shower. But one of the basic rules of hair care is not shampooing your hair every day.

Not shampooing the hair every day can seem icky to some, especially if you sweat a lot and have an oily scalp. But you need to know that your obsession with combatting greasy hair is getting in the way of appreciating how manageable and healthy hair can be when it has a little bit of oil.


Dry shampoo

Avoid touching your hair

Dry shampoo was created to minimise the frequency of your hair washes, while still being able to pull off the fresh hair look. It is pretty easy to use and absorbs all the oil from your scalp, leaving you with non-greasy hair. You can create your own DIY dry shampoo by mixing cornstarch (2 tbsp) with lavender essential oil (3 drops). Sprinkle all over the scalp and voila!


Try a wet look hairstyle

Avoid touching your hair

Wet hair look is one of the hottest hairstyles this year. We’ve spotted celebrities wearing it on the red carpet and models on the ramp. It can be a great way to disguise oily roots. You can start with something as simple as a ponytail or braid and then move on to other cool hairstyles.


Get creative

Avoid touching your hair

We know you love that side parting of yours, but did you know that parting your hair on a different side or creating a centre parting is a great way to disguise second or third-day hair? You can also try and experiment with hair accessories like a scarf or cap to cover greasy hair.


Only wash your bangs

Avoid touching your hair

Weighed down fringe or bangs don’t look great on anyone and while you can do with oil on the rest of your hair, your bangs need to look fresh. Take a mild shampoo and just wash the short layers or bangs around your face over your bathroom sink.


Avoid touching your hair

Avoid touching your hair

Most oil and bacteria get transferred onto your skin and hair through your hands, this makes hair limp and dull. Therefore avoid touching your hair frequently. Only touch your hair when you are styling or massaging it.

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