Greasy hair is a hair concern many have and one of the times when the condition feels most annoying is right before a last-minute Zoom call! Whether your greasiness has stemmed from skipping a wash day or you generally tend to be on the oilier side, you need to have some quick-fix hacks handy to manage it better for emergencies. We have come up with a few tricks that you can use to help fix or “hide” a greasy mane, especially when you have very little time to do so! Check them out...


01. Brush out with a dry shampoo

Brush out with a dry shampoo

We cannot stress enough on how a quick brush through your tresses can instantly liven up the look of them. But first, use a mattifying dry shampoo to sap all the greasiness out. Spray from a distance of 6 inches for the formula to be delivered in a dispersed manner, shake up your hair to activate and use a paddle or round brush to brush through the lengths.

BB picks: Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo


02. Use a texturising powder

Use a texturising powder

If you are looking to de-grease your scalp often, we suggest you shop in the men’s hair supplies department! Texturising powders are an excellent way to sap excess oil from your scalp and add some hold and volume to your hair. Use a minimal amount just on your main parting and massage gently to lift up your roots and add texture to the hair.


03. Blow dry!

Blow dry!

Give your greasy hair an express blowout without having to wash it first! Prep your tresses with a heat protection spray, section it into workable chunks and blow dry using a round brush. Use the lowest heat setting to avoid damage yet get some dry air in to banish the greasiness. You can also spritz some sea salt spray when you are done to give it that messy, beachy vibe.

BB picks: Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray


04. Opt for grease-proof hairstyles

Opt for grease-proof hairstyles

There are a number of ways you can hide the fact that you are rocking a super greasy mane ATM! Use accessories like scarves and headbands to add an accent to your hair and “distract” from the oiliness. Hairstyles like top knots, dutch braids, center-parted low buns and low ponytails can all turn greasy hair into chic hairstyles. Adding a dry shampoo or texturising powder prior to creating a hairstyle will help make it look a tad more voluminous.


05. Blotting paper or toner hack

Blotting paper or toner hack

It isn’t just dry shampoos that can save a greasy hair day. The blotting papers that have spent too much time lost in the bottom of your work bag can be used to give your scalp a quick touch up. If not, you can also drench a cotton pad with a skin toner to dissolve the oil on your scalp; dab it gently on your scalp, let dry and brush through!