5 Ways To Style Unruly Curly Hair

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
5 ways to style unruly curly hair

Having naturally curly hair can be quite frustrating, especially when you can’t control them. This hair type has a mind of its own and never seems to behave the way you want it to. Also, styling curly hair is another task, all the hair styles you see online never seem achievable because you don’t have straight and long tresses, worry not for we have found 5 stylish yet easy hairstyles that are perfect for your unruly curly hair...


Side under braid

Head band

Part your hair on either side and pick few inches of hair from the crown area. Now create two to three small under braids and let your hair loose. This Ariana Grande inspired hairstyle will surely garner your some compliments.


Top knot

Head band

Believe it or not a messy top knot looks particularly great on those with curly hair. Simple divide your hair in two sections, take the top section and create a top knot securing with some bobby pins.


Space buns

Head band

Who said space buns need to be sleek and perfect? We think the messier the better. Try this look by sectioning your hair first into two parts. Then part the top section of your hair and twist each to get two buns, secure with bobby pins.


Low bun

Head band

Complement a messy low bun with an oversized t-shirt and jeans to create the perfect weekend look. Add some hair accessories such as coloured bobby pins or flowers to make it more interesting.


Head band

Head band

A simple headband can completely change the look as well as keep your curly hairstyle under control. Use a bright coloured headband and tie the knot on the top to make it look more fun.

So, which one are you going to try?

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