6 Blow Drying Mistakes You Are Unknowingly Making

Written by Dayle PereiraSep 26, 2018
6 blow drying mistakes you are unknowingly making
Don’t you just love walking out of the salon with perfectly styled locks? You’ve probably tried to recreate that feeling by blow drying your hair at home but even with the finest tutorials, it doesn’t end the way you’d like it to. This could be because you are unknowingly making mistakes that are ruining your good blow out. Here’s what you need to watch out for…

Picking the wrong tools

Using the wrong method

If you begin with the wrong type of blow dryer, attachment or hair brush, don’t expect phenomenal results. Choose an ionic hair dryer whose supply of negative ions breaks down moisture faster and prevents damage. Attach a concentrator nozzle for straighter, wavy textures or a diffuser if you’ve got curly hair. Instead of heat retaining metal brushes, choose ones with boar or nylon bristles to distribute heat evenly and for a smooth finish.


Forgeting a heat protectant

Using the wrong method

If you’re wondering how your hair loses its silkiness within mere minutes of a blow dry, it’s probably because you haven’t used a heat protectant. This product protects the hair and retains the styling for longer. Before your next blowout, choose the Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist which has Anti Static Control which will keep your hair protected and frizz-free.


Skipping sectioning

Using the wrong method

If you’ve been treating your tresses like one large mass of hair, you’ve been doing it wrong. When blow drying, hair needs to be separated based on thickness into layers and further, into 1 - 2 inch thick sections. Sectioning ensures that all areas of the hair receive adequate heat and even styling.


Washing with the wrong products

Using the wrong method

You can’t expect your hair to bounce with life if you don’t use the right shampoo and conditioner duo. To fix that, we recommend the Dove Regenerative Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. Enriched with Red Algae and Nutri Complex, this formula fortifies the hair immensely keeps it free from damage.


Rushing the rough dry

Using the wrong method

If you skip rough drying your hair, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. This process is carried out before you blow dry your hair into a style to remove moisture like damp roots. Once this is done, the blow drying will retain the style better. Hence, we recommend you rough dry until 30% and follow it with a blow dry.


Using the wrong method

Using the wrong method

Ensure that the very method you are using to blow dry your hair isn’t flawed. To prevent this, use high heat on thick hair and low heat on thin hair. Position the concentrator nozzle vertically rather than horizontally to target sections evenly. Keep the dryer head moving constantly to prevent over-drying. Once you’ve almost finished blow drying, use it on the cool setting to help seal the style.

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