6 Quick Fixes To Deal With A Bad Hair Day Every College Girl Needs To Know

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurSep 27, 2018
6 Quick fixes to deal with a bad hair day every college girl needs to know
College life is basically being on your feet for most of the day. From travelling to running around hallways from one lecture to another, staying out in the sun, exploring various places and having the best time! Every day is such a rollercoaster ride that bad hair days are inevitable. And God, bad hair days can be mentally exhausting. You’re always conscious about how it looks; it feels icky and worse, it looks like a disaster in pictures. If you’re a college going girl who is always on the run and have no time for parlours, here are 6 quick fixes for you to deal with your bad hair days.

Tie it into a messy, teased bun

Tease your roots

A teased bun is a great quick fix for a bad hair day because it takes under two minutes to do this hairstyle! If your hair is dry and impossible to tame, this bun works perfectly and you won’t even have to tease it. But, if your scalp and hair is oily, we recommend using TIGI’s Sugar Dust which is a root powder. It acts as a dry shampoo but also gives you volume, absorbs all the oil and mattifies any oily texture your hair might have. Sprinkle the product on your roots and massage till you achieve desired results! Tease and backcomb the hair for more texture, and make a bun. Your hair will instantly feel refreshed like you just shampooed it.


Braid it!

Tease your roots

A quick side-swept braid will hide everything that’s probably standing out about your bad hair day. Oily strands, oily scalp, flyaways, everything! Apply some baby powder on your scalp to get rid of the oiliness. Then, collect all your hair on one side and make a tight braid. Once done, tease the hair a little. The perfect hairstyle for a bad hair day!


Tie a scarf

Tease your roots

Dig out that old scarf out of your closet and put it to good use! Wrap the scarf around your head so that you cover the scalp and let the rest of your hair loose. You can also opt for a boho outfit to complement the hairdo. Works amazingly to fix your bad hair day!


Change your regular parting

Tease your roots

Although changing your parting is recommended every 4-5 weeks, we usually keep the same parting as we’re comfortable with it. When you’re having a bad hair day, switch up your parting and see the difference. The volume of your hair will change and it won’t fall flat! You can do any regular hairstyle, but with a different parting.


Tease your roots

Tease your roots

This might sound a little messy, but is actually helpful. Start with dividing your hair into four sections. Lift each section straight and begin teasing just the hair close to the roots using a tail comb. Flip the teased hair at the back to create volume! This automatically hides any oiliness and your hair looks styled.

When you’re dealing with a bad hair day, remember that using serums or hairsprays can worsen the quality of your hair. It’s recommended to stay away from any products which are not dry shampoo or baby powder! Also, it’s recommended to not apply any external heat to the hair. So, go ahead and bid bad hair days a goodbye with these quick fixes.

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