There are a number of ways travelling affects your hair’s health. Factors like water quality, exposure to the sun, changing products, and humidity can change the texture of your hair. Hasty schedules can also mean you won’t have time to regularly wash your hair, leading to product build-up on the scalp! This is especially true for long-distance travels where your hair is away from its usual environment and has to work extra hard to keep itself healthy. This stress can render your tresses dull, tired and in a tangled mess as soon as you get back home. Instead of hastily washing your mane to get rid of all the airplane gunk, here is a 4-step routine to detoxify and rejuvenate your hair post-travel.


01. Cleanse and condition

Cleanse and condition

Before you do anything to your hair, cleanse and condition it to get rid of any dirt, oil and product build-up. Make sure to rinse and repeat to detoxify your scalp thoroughly. You can also use the conditioner and a shampoo comb to gently detangle your hair in the shower. Once done, let it air-dry!

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02. Apply hot oil

Apply hot oil

There are apparent benefits to oiling your hair when it’s squeaky clean. It absorbs the oil better because there is no gunk blocking the pores. Plus, detoxifying cleansers can leave your hair a bit dry, so oiling them post-wash will help add hydration to it. Heat up the oil, apply on your scalp and hair and leave on for a couple of hours before washing it off.

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03. Take a steam bath

Take a steam bath

A Korean hair care hack we love is taking steam in the shower. It can do wonders for your hair, and skin. While washing off the oil, take a steam in the shower for a couple of minutes, focusing equally on the scalp and lengths of your hair. Let the steam disperse in your hair from a distance so that you don’t cause any heat damage. Use a mild and calming shampoo to wash off your oiled hair.


04. Finish with a deep conditioning mask

Finish with a deep conditioning mask

Finish your detoxifying and rejuvenating routine with a deep conditioning mask. Apply an oil-based hair mask on damp hair, keep for 10-15 minutes and wash off. This final step helps reinforce broken hair bonds and add smoothness to your mane. Let your hair air-dry and follow up with a leave-in conditioner or serum for hair that feels restored and full of life, again.

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