Hair is a defining feature for most women and a lot goes into ensuring that it looks its glossiest best every morning. While some of the advanced hair care techniques are styling tools and hair products, hair brushes form a part of the basics. We’re of the opinion that they definitely do not get the attention they deserve even though they could very well be the wonder kids of the beauty box. When it comes to the best hair brushes available today, you’ll find a wide variety with different hair brushes serving a different purpose.

To begin, start by cleansing and conditioning your hair (we love the Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong & Abundant Shampoo and Conditioner Range with ginseng plant extracts to give your hair a natural boost), take your pick from among the different types of hair brushes depending on what you’re going to be using it for.

Paddle brush

The paddle brush is a staple that most women cannot live without. Once the hair is fairly air-dried, running the paddle brush from the root till the tip helps speed up the drying process while helping to detangle hair. Its bristles also stimulate the scalp and increase blood flow which assists in hair growth.

Thermal round brush

A thermal round hair brush is a favourite with the lady who loves to experiment with her hair. Often used during heat styling, the ceramic coating of the hair brush helps retain and distribute heat evenly through the hair. Its synthetic bristles allow for a frizz-free comb-through while its rounded shape helps style hair in place.

Teasing brush

To add oomph to your hairstyle, the teasing brush is what you can turn to. The firm bristles of the brush are backcombed through strategic sections of the hair to gently add volume without the danger of any hair breakage. The pointed nether end of the brush helps part and segregate strands for a precise divide. The teasing brush is a must-have in every hairstylist's kit.

Vent brush

With their easily recognisable spaces on the head of the brush, the vent brush is the secret weapon every girl must own. In addition to being anti-static, its stiff bristles calm frizzy hair for a smooth appearance. The air vents of the brush help hair dry quicker and also add volume.

Wide tooth comb

Think of the wide-toothed comb as the wise, hard-worker from your brush kit. The wide spaces of the comb help to detangle any knots in the hair without changing its texture. While applying cream, serum or oil, the wide-tooth comb assists in evenly spreading the product over the hair strands.