A Letter To You From Your Hair!

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedMar 27, 2019
A letter to you from your hair!

Dear human,

I know you love me just as much as I love you. I know I am your crowning glory and on days when I’m feeling exceptionally good, I see you walk around with a spring in your step. I love it when I see you have a good hair day!

And while that is really flattering, it is important that we don’t take each other for granted. As much as you love the good days, please make sure you don’t underestimate the power of a bad hair day. If I start having those bad days too often, then it might just be a red flag! My frequent woes could be a sign of your underlying health problems. If that is indeed the case, please sit up and take note.

Here are a few signs that prove I am not keeping well and what you can do about it…

Hair Breakage and Brittle and Scanty Hair

1. Red flag: Excessive hair fall

You could be stressed or anaemic
On an average, you lose around 100 strands of hair a day, but, if you notice any more shedding, it could either be physical or psychological stress, anaemia or any other deficiency.

If you are stressed, it’s time to calm your nerves down with yoga or meditation. If your tests show that you are anaemic, then you are likely to be iron and protein deficient. Stock up on nuts, beans, lentils and greens to boost your hair's nutrition.

Hair Breakage and Brittle and Scanty Hair

2. Red Flag: Dry and damaged hair

You are dehydrated
Your body is made up of more than 60% water which means dehydration can cause it serious harm. Not having enough water can also damage hair, so, ensure that you get your fill!

Drink enough water! In addition to 8 glasses of water, you can also drink herbal teas and coconut water. Additionally, limit your alcohol and caffeine intake.

We say, invest in the Dove Dryness Care Shampoo and Conditioner to fight dryness and hair damage. The pro-moisture complex of this product helps nourish strands from the cellular level and protects them from damage. When using this conditioner, ensure that you apply it only on the mid-lengths and ends and avoid the roots. Use a wide tooth comb to spread the conditioner evenly, leave it on for 2-3 minutes and rinse off with cool water.

Hair Breakage and Brittle and Scanty Hair

3. Red Flag: Hair breakage/brittle, scanty hair

You could be suffering from thyroid issues
If your hair is weak and brittle, it could point towards hypothyroidism. In this condition, the thyroid glands do not produce enough of the thyroid hormone which makes the hair brittle, lustreless and scanty. Hypothyroidism is also responsible for slowing down the metabolism which leads to sudden weight gain.

Your thyroid issues could be a result of iron, zinc and vitamin C deficiencies. These can be corrected by maintaining a healthy diet replete with colourful fruits and vegetables. In particular, fruits like oranges, grapefruit and peaches are known to combat the aforementioned deficiencies. Additionally, foods like broccoli, sprouts, meats, sea food, cereals and grams are known to boost hair health.

4. Red Flag: Lacklustre and frizzy hair

You could be eating wrong
What you eat has a direct impact on your hair. If you consume too much junk food, it can affect the overall health of your hair, giving it a dull appearance. Instead, consume foods that are high on protein which is the building block for hair.

Consume protein-rich foods to strengthen follicles. Also, consume foods rich in iron and Omega 3 fatty acids like salmon, walnuts, spinach and curd. Meats, eggs, tofu, whole grains and nuts are also healthy.

5. Red Flag: Dandruff

You have a bad scalp
Dandruff is an indication that your scalp isn’t healthy which in turn affects the hair. To maintain a healthy scalp, you need to make sure you do the following, especially during summer and monsoon.

Don’t keep your hair tied up all the time during summer. This makes sweat sit on your scalp and attract dust, which causes hair problems. Ensure that you keep your scalp clean and dry. It isn’t a good idea to keep your hair tied for long hours during monsoon, either. Often, rainwater is acidic and dirty which can aggravate dandruff. We suggest you use the Dove Dandruff Care Shampoo and Conditioner to survive the humid season. Powered with Zinc Pyrithione as one of its main ingredients, the Dove Shampoo works towards reducing dandruff and keeps your scalp healthy along with nourishing your hair.

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