Adopt The Hair Care Routine To Get Rid Of Dandruff

Written by Lopa KApr 30, 2023
Adopt the Hair Care Routine to Get Rid of Dandruff

Want some dandruff removal tips this summer so that you can boast a clear scalp and strong tresses? Despite it being a recurring issue, since dandruff is pretty harmless, it is easy to treat. But that doesn’t mean you should leave your hair as it is, especially when the temperature rises. If you have an oily scalp, excessively dry scalp, greasy hair, travel or sweat a lot, your scalp can become a breeding ground for dandruff. This in turn can populate your hair with white flakes, clog the pores and even lead to breakage. And don’t forget about the itchiness. So, let’s take a look at how you can create a good and effective haircare routine to get rid of dandruff at home

Hair Care Routine to Get Rid of Dandruff: The Basics  

Sometimes the tips for hair growth and remove dandruff are truly simple like switching up your shampoo, washing your hair in a particular way or different hairstyles. All you need is a good haircare routine that will get rid of dandruff and prevent it from occurring again. If you have a dry scalp, oil it with the likes of argan oil or coconut oil which also helps with exfoliating and unclogging the scalp.  

Use an anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner and wash your hair every two to three days, especially in summer. Use a hair mask once a week to deep condition. Don’t rub your scalp vigorously while towel drying or combing. Wear a protective hairstyle like braids or use a scarf when you’re travelling. Change your pillowcase every few weeks and don’t share combs. Seems doable, right? Let’s take a look at some tips on how you can make the most out of these haircare steps. 

Tips on How to Adopt the Hair Care Routine to Get Rid of Dandruff  


1. Dove Dandruff Care

FAQs about Hair Care Routines to Get Rid of Dandruff

Honestly, the most obvious and common tips to remove dandruff completely involve finding the right product. Take the Dove Dandruff Care Shampoo and Conditioner, for example. Since it is meant to deal with dandruff, it uses special ingredients and is created in a different way to treat this hair condition. This combo uses a unique ZPTO formula that starts getting rid of dandruff from the very first use itself. But it is not rough on the hair as it has a micro moisture serum in its shampoo and conditioner that leaves dry hair soft and moisturised. The hydrating conditioner of this combo also has a moisture lock system that hydrates the strands which means no frizz or rough texture. And the best part is that this conditioner also works on the scalp to moisturise it which stops dandruff from returning.


2. Love Beauty & Planet Tea Tree and Vetiver Aroma Radical Refresher

FAQs about Hair Care Routines to Get Rid of Dandruff

One of the dandruff removal tips is to use essence oil with antifungal and antimicrobial properties to get a clean and healthy scalp. But if you are not in the mood for a champi session, you can easily go for a shampoo-conditioner combo that uses such ingredients. One such combo that you can try is the Love Beauty & Planet Tea Tree & Vetiver Scalp Refresh Combo Shampoo + Conditioner. It is free of chemicals like parabens, sulphates, dyes and artificial fragrances that could otherwise dry out your hair. Instead, it makes use of tea tree oil to clean and clarify your scalp. This in turn also controls excess oil that can lead to dandruff. To top it off, this detoxing combo makes use of actual peppermint and vetiver to give a gentle minty aroma.


3. Dove Dry Scalp Care

FAQs about Hair Care Routines to Get Rid of Dandruff

Another mild haircare range that even has a leave-on conditioner is the Dove Hair Therapy Dry Scalp Care which works from within to repair your hair and better the scalp. Since dandruff shows up when your hair and scalp are dry, you need something hydrating to treat it. This range uses the best of the best with niacinamide to nourish your scalp, relieve itchiness and get rid of the white flakes. It is also free of those harsh chemicals that would otherwise strip the hair of its natural oil and make it even drier.   

Instructions on How to Use Tip  

Before you head on with your shampoo, just spray a little bit of the leave-on conditioner all over your scalp. Massage your scalp to spread it evenly. Let it sit for 30 minutes so it can moisturise your scalp. And then go ahead with your usual shampoo and conditioner routine.


4. Dove Dandruff Clean & Fresh

FAQs about Hair Care Routines to Get Rid of Dandruff

This list also would not be complete without the popular and much-loved anti-dandruff shampoo in India, Dove Dandruff Clean & Fresh Shampoo and Conditioner. Having perfected the anti-dandruff formula, its shampoo and conditioner uses the ZPTO formula and micro moisture serum to deep cleanse your hair of the day’s grime, sweat, oil and dandruff. This range easily relieves itching, soothes the scalp with a cool sensation and can even be used every day in severe cases as it is mild enough to not damage dry hair.  

Instructions on How to Use Tip  

To perfectly shampoo away the dandruff flakes, first dampen the hair. Take a little bit of the shampoo and mix it with a few drops of water. Apply it to your scalp and massage it well. Don’t use your nails but the pads of your fingers to dislodge build-up and dandruff from the scalp. Wash it off with water before turning to the conditioner. 

5. DIY hair masks 

A moisturising and clarifying hair mask is one of the best ways to incorporate dandruff removal tips. They take care of the problem at the root, literally and heal the scalp. If you have an oily scalp, lemon juice should absorb the excess oil, balance out your pH levels and also get rid of dandruff. If you have a dry scalp, use aloe vera or yoghurt to take down those persisting flakes. Since they are moisturising and nourishing, they soothe the scalp while dislodging dandruff from your hair. 

Instructions on How to Use Tip 

Take one or two ingredients mentioned above. Mix it with a light but nourishing oil like argan oil or a few drops of an essence oil like tea tree oil. Apply it to your scalp and massage it well. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off. You can apply such DIY hair masks once every week to naturally get rid of dandruff. 


FAQs about Hair Care Routines to Get Rid of Dandruff

FAQs about Hair Care Routines to Get Rid of Dandruff

Q1. Why does dandruff return?  

Say you have successfully gotten rid of dandruff. But after a few months, it returns again? It can frustrate anyone, but you may be able to deal with it if you know the root cause. It can be because of excess sebum, dry scalp, not washing the hair well, hormonal disbalance, bad lifestyle habits like not washing off hair styling products or a bad diet. So identify and follow with the appropriate remedy.  

Q2. Does dandruff cause hair loss? 

A reason why dandruff is not taken too seriously is that there are no actual harmful side effects to it. Such as dandruff does not cause hair loss. The hair fall that you may see is because of you scratching the scalp to relieve the itch. It can also clog the hair follicles and slow down hair growth. 

Q3. Does dandruff go away on its own? 

Yes, in some cases, dandruff does go away on its own. Unfortunately, it can also return depending on certain factors. If it has been caused by a dry scalp, bad diet, hormonal imbalance or a bad hairstyle habit, after you fix them, dandruff can go away on its own. 

And there you have it. If you have been plagued with dandruff and need to go all out to stop it once and for all, you’re in the right place. From the tips suggested above, create your own routine and say goodbye to those white flakes for good. 

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