Are you onboard with the hottest hair trend of the moment? We’re talking about air-drying! As the name suggests, you’re probably thinking that nothing could go wrong with air-drying your hair. All you need to do is wash your hair and let it just air-dry. But, allow us to break this to you. There is indeed a correct way of air-drying. One wrong turn and you could look like a frizz ball yourself.

While there are zillion hair care tips out there, not everyone is clear about the no-nos. Here are the three big common mistakes you could be making while doing the simplest thing... air-drying!

Air drying mistakes

Mistake #1: Not applying any product

Air-drying is a healthier way of drying your hair no doubt. However, that does not mean you leave it as is and not use any product in your hair once you’re out of the shower. We suggest you put a few drops of the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops in your hair as it air-dries. Then, gently scrunch your hair using your fingers for texture and volume. Using this serum on damp hair will prevent frizz and flyaways while giving a high gloss finish to your hair.

Air drying mistakes

Mistake #2: Constantly touching and playing with your hair

If you play with your hair most of the times, then we suggest you break this habit right away. You’ll be surprised to know that touching your hair constantly can cause your hair to frizz. Yes, you read that right! Also, avoid brushing or running your hands through your hair before applying a serum. Serum will help cut down the frizziness and your hair is not going to look like a mess once it’s dried.

Air drying mistakes

Mistake #3: Showering before hitting the sheets

Here’s another habit you need to get rid of if you want a perfectly air-dried look. STOP washing your hair just before hitting the sheets. When you sleep right after washing your hair, it tends to get tangled and knotty, thereby making you look like a mess the next morning. If you must shower before bed however, we suggest you put on a shower cap and apply a hydrating gel or serum before calling it a night.