If you want longer and stronger hair, you have to follow a good hair care routine and a few tips. Now, there are numerous tips on the internet that will promise healthy hair but how many of them are actually true? Will not using conditioner on oily scalp really reduce greasiness?

Have you ever questioned the authenticity of these hair tips? Truth be told, there’s a lot of fake news out there presented as fact. Let’s test your knowledge on some common hair misconceptions and find out if you can tell between a myth and fact…


Oily hair should be washed daily

Oily hair should be washed daily - Hair myth

Now, this tip seems quite believable; your scalp and hair are greasy so you will have to cleanse it to remove the excess oil, right? Not really, those with an active lifestyle usually seem to sweat a lot, this sweat mixed with product build-up and dirt can make your hair look oily. No matter what your hair type, don’t wash it daily.

Verdict: That’s a myth!


Stress causes premature hair greying

Stress causes premature hair greying - Hair fact

There are many reasons responsible for premature hair greying. Genetics, ageing, lifestyle are all factors that determine how your hair looks. However, if you’ve been under a lot of stress lately, try to calm your mind and body and see if it helps. That being said it wouldn’t be completely wrong to say that stress causes premature hair greying.

Verdict: That’s a fact!


Air drying hair is better than blow-drying

Air drying hair is better than blow-drying - Hair fact

Steam and hot water bath can feel quite relaxing but can cause major damage to your mane. Using hot water or heat styling tools can damage your tresses and make them look lifeless and frizzy. Air drying is safer and a healthier alternative that does not damage the hair.

Verdict: That’s a fact!


Split ends are repairable

Split ends are repairable - Hair myth

You may have come across several articles that offer tips on repairing split ends. Here’s a hard truth – split ends are NOT repairable. The only way to get rid of them is by cutting your hair. However, you can prevent them by taking good care of your hair and nourish your tresses, especially the tips.

Verdict: That’s a myth!